Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day, or Mothering Sunday as it used to be called in the UK, to all the mothers out there. I know that other countries celebrate this day on other days but there is nothing wrong with having more than one Mothers Day. I think we should all celebrate twice! Let's all be multicultural and join in with other mothers. My Son and Daughter in Law are on holiday so gave me my present and card before they went.I have opened the chocolates and whilst they are beautifully tasty they will last me a while as they are very rich and I can only eat a couple at a time without getting chocolate overload. Whilst I am a big girl my downfall isn't chocolate or sweeties I am more of a crisps and savoury snack person. Thank goodness I don't like peanuts or I would be even fatter.

As I said yesterday my niece called to see me and to walk Buster. She also brought me a tiny flower bucket with some blooms in it. I am already thinking that I could store crochet hooks in the bucket once the flowers have wilted. My mind never strays far from crochet. Even whilst I am eating breakfast I am browsing patterns either on Ravelry or on the newsletters from Lion, Red Heart, Caron and Crochet that I get almost every day. If only I could crochet as fast as I would like to. My mind is always on the next project or two before I have finished the last one. I am getting better though at not actually starting. These days I limit myself to 2 or 3 WIP at any one time otherwise nothing gets finished. The only reason that I have three at the moment is that my niece's jacket has gone into hibernation until Buster goes home on Thursday.

Today the weather is mixed. The sun is trying to shine and when it does it is quite warm but then it clouds over and the rain comes. I had hoped to play ball with Buster in the garden whilst doing a bit of crochet but I think that I will have to put a coat on if I do. Buster gets so bored though if he doesn't get some exercise. When I had him all the time we used to go out twice a day and unfortunately he still remembers this.I have tried walking him with my scooter but he is miserable as we have to stay on the pavement and he has to be on his lead because of traffic. He is a run free kind of dog who isn't used to a lead. My son takes the dogs on the fields, and I used to take him in the woodland, where they chase balls and sticks and generally run around.

It has stopped raining now so I will brave it outside for a little while and play ball with Buster. I do hope that he gets fed up quickly and then I can come in for a warm up. Too late ! - it is raining cats and dogs once again. Maybe later when it stops again. It truly is an April showers day. One minute of sunshine and the next minute more rain.

Thanks to everyone for your tips and comments. I may not always mention them on my blog but I do read everyone and appreciate that you take the time to read my blog and make a comment. I do read your blogs, honest, but I am just rubbish at leaving comments. I should have made that my New Years Resolution this year.


Anonymous said...

It snowed here today -- again. But I am hopeful soon it will be only rain showers and then warmer weather. Loved reading your post today. That Buster is one lucky dog to be loved by so many.

KnitNurd said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Jan!!! I hope you've enjoyed your day and whatever it was you wanted to do. You deserve it!!