Monday, 2 May 2011

Sounds From Another City

As I mentioned on my last post Rachael Elwell (Artyarn) with Roger Newton, Marie Pattison and a few others spent yesterday pinning the flowers and things that the Kings Arms Knitters had made to posts around the Islington Mill in Salford and around the Kings Arms, also in Salford, where we hold the Knit Club every Monday evening. The Islington Mill was having a Sounds from another City festival, You can read more about that on Artyarn blog.

I  wasn't able to help out as all of that walking would have been too much for me but I have put a link to Artyarn blog and I do hope that you will take a look at it by clicking on my blog post title. For those of you with Facebook there are even more photos to be seen on there. There are some lovely flowers and fun things to be seen on her blog. I really must learn how to link things properly. You would think that after a few years of blogging that I would have sorted it out by now but it has taken me two years to fathom out how to post a link to my blog title. I am not very PC literate.

Pinning the flowers to the posts with  tags (beautifully made by Rachael) saying the flowers could be picked seems to have been a huge success as at the festival people could be seen with flowers pinned to them. I have put the photo of my worm/ caterpillar on the blog as apparently a guy took a fancy to it and was walking about with it pinned to him. That is what this project is about really. Sharing knit and crochet things with people who will appreciate wearing them and not just leaving them pinned to a post getting dirty and wet.

Lots of people made the flowers but Roger had the daunting task of making all the i cords in green to fasten around all the posts so that the brooches could be pinned to something. I believe he went around and measured each post and then made every cord to fit. That shows dedication.

Yesterday I was knitting some more on the super chunky jacket for me. I just have the collar to knit and to stitch it up. I did some washing and it was so windy that I had to really peg it on the line for fear that it would take off into next door's garden. The sun was shining but the wind kept the warmth away.

Last night as I was carrying the clean washing back upstairs I managed to trip up over a step and fall. Luckily I fell upwards onto the landing but I managed to give myself a carpet burn up my arm, banged my bad knee and cracked my head on the wall. I am so clumsy these days. I am always saving myself from falling. Luckily I have quite a bit of furniture in my small rooms so there is always something to grab hold of to break my fall. This morning I have a bruise on the left side of my forehead. Last time it was the right. I have never had a carpet burn before and boy does it hurt. It has taken a fine layer of skin off my arm but today it is drying up so not quite as painful. I have a stiff neck this morning. I must have fallen with my neck at a funny angle but didn't realize that until today. I will have to start wearing a cycling helmet around the house soon along with some skateboarding arm and knee pads!

I hope that the wind will die down and that I can knit in the garden. I want to finish off my jacket and re start my niece's jacket. I have a horrible feeling that I will need yet another ball to finish off her jacket. Fingers crossed that I have enough wool.  Hopefully I will have some photos of my finished jacket to post tomorrow.

All is quiet on my street as it is Bank Holiday Monday and most people are not working. I don't know if all of the shops are open so I am waiting until tomorrow to do some shopping. Thank goodness for freezers. I had some spare bread in there plus some pork chops. I always keep a full freezer as it comes in handy for days when I can't get to the shops.

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marg41 said...

The flowers and cute 'bugs' look great around the lamp posts Jan. Last time I was in the U.K. I was staying with my Mum who lived in Urlam. We went into Salford a few times. The flowers would have made the whole place look so pretty. Sorry to hear about your fall, you were lucky not to break something. Had to lol at the vision in my head of you in a helmet and knee guards. Take care Jan.