Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Mop Has Arrived

It's here at last! The parcel delivery man brought it this afternoon. It took me such a long time to assemble it as the handle pieces were so snugly fitting and I was scared to knock it too hard in case I broke anything, Anyway with a bit of swearing under my breath I finally got it together.

After I got the handle on I spent another while trying to fit the slider plate on the bottom of the mop. (It's not on in the photos)  Eventually I read the instructions again. Duh! It doesn't snap on, it just rests under the mop if you are steaming carpets. The mop only came with one pad that Velcros on and the instructions are to hand wash it !!. I know that my kitchen was in  need of a good mopping but how on earth I am going to get that pad back to white with hand washing I don't know. I will have to take a good look at the pad and see if I can adapt some pads to fit onto the mop over the pad that I can machine wash, Maybe I will crochet a little mop head with elastic to fit over the head and that could absorb a lot of the dirt. If I make my crochet mop heads in cotton then they could go into the hot wash. Or I will buy some Velcro next time I am near a shop and make my own pads as they are so expensive to buy new ones and I have a feeling that they will get extremely dirty if I have to hand wash and I hate anything that looks grey instead of white even when it is clean.

For some reason the second side looks smaller than the first one. I did count the rows. Perhaps my tension is a little tighter on this second piece. Everything will be OK once it is finished and blocked out. The good part is that I don't have any bands to knit, I just have two sleeves to make but as the jacket has drop shoulders and I have short arms that shouldn't take too long. Hopefully it will be finished for the weekend.

My friend Sue popped in to see me today. I do like company as then I have someone to chat to. Even better Sue is a crocheter so we can chat crochet and yarns. Best kind of conversation for me at the moment as I have so little else to chat about with not going out so much.

I had some bad news today. My next door neighbour (One of my lodger cat's (Oscar) Mum) is moving out on Monday. They rent their house and the landlord does precious little to maintain the place and now he wants to put the rent up yet again. She has found a new place, not too far away, where she can afford the rent. I will miss them as they have been good neighbours. Despite having a single mum with 2 teenagers and a 12  yr old living next door they have been remarkably quiet on the whole. I have asked her to leave me the landlord's phone number before she leaves just in case I get some awful neighbours renting after her. It is a small family house so I hope that it attracts a decent couple. The rest of the neighbourhood is mostly younger couples with small children as most of us oldies have moved or passed away. Young noisy neighbours just won't fit in on this quiet street. I don't want to have to move as I love my little house, shabby though it may be, it's home to me.

I had a go with my steam mop on the rather dirty kitchen floor, made worse by the fact that the gardener came today. The way that my house is constructed means that she has to drag her lawnmower through the garage, and then though the utility part of my kitchen, to get to the back garden. Although the mop was a little harder to push than I anticipated at least I didn't have to heave a bucket about and wring out a mop. It has brought it quite clean although I will be able to see better when I mop it again and get rid of any lingering dirt. It isn't fair to judge it's performance on a floor that hasn't seen a mop for a week or so. The floor did dry almost immediately which is good. It is not supposed to need any liquid floor cleanser and the steam kills bacteria which is good for the bathroom as well as the kitchen. The mop is lightweight so I will have no trouble carrying it up the stairs.

As it's almost seven o' clock I had better make myself some dinner. I will leave steaming the bathroom until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Finally! I was certain the post had lost it. I can't believe it took so long. I got a package today too! Not so exciting. A food scale (ugh!) and a meat thermometer. I have needed both for ages. Isn't it fun to get a package even if it's something to help with housework, cooking, etc.?

marg41 said...

Hi Jan I have just bought a steam mop and I used it yesterday. It worked a treat. I have polished wood floors and the bathroom, toilet and laundry have tiles. No smears, dried very quickly. So I am very pleased with it. Sorry to hear about your neighbours moving, the old saying, you can choose your friends, but not your family or neighbours! Enjoy your weekend.