Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Clickety Click Go The Needles

As I was so pleased with the way that my Sirdar Mega chunky jacket had turned out I wanted to order some more of the same yarn from Kemps. Unfortunately they only had a green and a brown fleck left and neither of them are my colours. I chose instead another Sirdar super chunky called Big Softee in a pale denim blue which was reduced to 99p a ball. I also ordered another 99p pattern as it is very plain and I have some other thick but textured yarn in my stash that needs a very plain pattern. I ordered a couple of patterns with my last order. One of which I will use for this blue yarn.

A couple of months ago I ordered some of this pale pink Sirdar Softee to make a baby jacket. As the yarn is now reduced to 69p a ball in this colour I decided to get some more and make something for myself instead. I am not usually a lover of such pale colours but I have a pattern that has cables on it so that should give a bit of interest to the paleness. This 2nd lot is a different dye lot but I cannot see any colour difference and I am used to colour matching from when I had the shop. As long as you don't mix dye lots mid piece and can complete each full piece out of one dye number it is not usually noticeable. It is when you join on a ball mid sleeve that you can get that distinct line across that is noticeable.

The steam mop hasn't arrived yet but it has been sent by Royal Mail and they always take longer than the independent carriers. Another day that I don't have to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. Maybe tomorrow it will arrive and then I can't put the mopping off any longer.

I have been knitting on the last front of my niece's jacket but I will need another ball of wool for the bands. I rang the Yarn Barn in Shaw, where my niece bought the wool from, and they kindly offered to put a ball in the post if I paid the postage. I will be grateful for that as I don't want to put my niece to the trouble of going all the way up there for another ball. I will push on as far as I can tonight with the part ball that I have and then hope that the last ball arrives in a day or so. Luckily they still had the same dye lot in stock. I would recommend calling in the Yarn Barn if ever you are in Shaw. It is a lovely well stocked shop that stocks from inexpensive to middle of the range branded right up to the more expensive. Something to suit all pockets and tastes.

Today is lovely and sunny but we still have that wind that takes the edge off the warmth. I had a lot to do today so I wouldn't have had the time to sit out and knit anyway. I scooted up the village and did some shopping from a variety of local shops. I had forgotten to charge up the mobility scooter from the last time I used it so it was a very slow, heart in the mouth, journey as I was praying that it wouldn't run out of power before I got home. On the last bit of the hill it was going slower and slower and so I was muttering under my breath, come on girl you can do it. Slowly but surely I got up the hill and into the garage where Pearl is now plugged in and charging up ready for my next shopping trip. She is a good little workhorse. I had bags tucked everywhere. I was like a galleon in full sale on the way home.

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