Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Yummy Yarn

Yes I know that I am not supposed to be buying more yarn stash but look at this stash from Stash of Chester. Take a look at their web site they have some wonderful bargains.

How could I resist buying Louisa Harding Mariposa in Red and Green which has such silky yumminess that I can forgive it being hand wash with only 64 metres to the ball. I think that Mariposa is roughly an aran thickness as the recommended needle size is 5 mm.  The gorgeous multi coloured ribbon yarn is Louisa Harding Glisten which has a glint of lurex in it. Once again it is hand wash and for a 5 mm needle.

How could I resist it at less than £1 ball. This is definitely going in the stash for moi. My nieces are  not much into the hand washing of woollies anyway. I don't mind so much as in the old days every sweater of mine was hand washed. The super dooper massive 20mm crochet hook is for making small rugs with.  I just wanted to make some multi coloured little rugs as bedside and maybe bathroom rugs. Possibly with quite a few strands of yarn worked together or I may try ripped cloth made into yarn for them. Now I have got the hook I can start anytime I want to. Previously my largest hook was a 15mm.

Spring has come to the front garden with these pretty iris. Perhaps now that the kids from next door have moved they will survive a bit longer without getting decapitated by footballs.

Another spot of colour by the front gate post.

This is the start of my next project. It is September Morn by Doris Chan which of course is worked from the neck down in the inimitable Doris style. No matter how many of her designs I make I still cannot follow them without the aid of stitch markers. The yarn that I am using is Sirdar Silky Look DK in chalk pink that I got from Kemps in the Sale. Sadly it is all gone now but before it went out of stock I did bag a few colours. I made my nieces mink silky cardigan from it and still have a baby pink, and two shades of pale green in stash. It was such a bargain at 89p a ball and it crochets up so nicely. The pattern can be bought separately from Tahki Stacey Charles as a download. It isn't in any of Doris Chan's books.

It was sad today when my neighbours came to say goodbye. It was an emotional time for me and Carol and we both shed a few tears. Later in the day I noticed Oscar across the road and wondered if they had abandoned him but them I got a text message saying that they were unable to find him when they moved so are coming down tonight or tomorrow to have another try to find him. If he comes to me tomorrow I will send them a text message to say that he is safe in my house.

It was my day for parcels as I also took in 2 parcels for the couple across the road and my book from Amazon and some paper files to sort out my patterns also arrived as well as the yarn parcel. The book is a compendium of all of the Borrowers books. It is called The Complete Borrowers by Mary Norton. I read a couple of the stories when I was a small child and for ages I was convinced that we had a family of tiny people living in our house. The imagination of a small child is wonderful. I am looking forward to reading them and the different stories in the book. This will be my bedtime reading for a while. It usually takes me a while to read a book as I only read a few pages or a chapter at a time.

It will feel strange tonight not hearing the sounds from next door. They weren't noisy, especially at night, but there is something comforting about hearing the low murmur of voices and the opening and closing of doors especially as I live alone. I am praying for some nice quiet neighbours moving in.


Sharon Marie said...

Oh my goodness--it's like Christmas at your house with the wonderful packages of yarn! Enjoy :)

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, the yarn does indeed look yummy, and what you are making is beautiful as well.