Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I Must Get Back To My Knitting Machine

No excuses. When I have finished off the sleeveless jacket that I am crocheting for my niece I must try again on the knitting machine. I am sure that once I sit and read the instructions for the lace carriage it will all come back to me. I can knit plain but I want to make some lacy baby cardigans.

These are another reason why I must get back to machine knitting. I already had the baby cones and today my friend Sue has been in her garage and given me these cones of cotton from her stash for my machine. I can't complain that I have nothing to machine knit with now.

Sue also gave me  a pack of each colour in Patons Zhivago. it is beautifully soft and silky and will make lovely crochet sleeveless jackets. I have a couple of patterns that I bought but haven't made as yet that will really suit these colours.

She also gave me these balls of QK which she inherited from an old lady's stash. It has the aroma that my other donated wool from a couple of years had but once it is left open to the air it fades eventually. It's a strange rather musty smell. I often wonder where old ladies store their wool.  Quickerknit is hard to buy these days and I have a few old Patons Quickerknit patterns that I can use this wool up for.

I am not in my second childhood. I wanted a baby doll for when I design my baby patterns but unfortunately when this doll arrived it is more the size of a premature baby. I have ordered another larger doll so hopefully that will be a newborn baby size. I already have a doll that was used for display when I had the shop but she has seen better days and is about the size of a 9 month old. Next time my son calls I will have to make sure that the dolls are  put away in the spare bedroom or he might think that I have gone a bit strange dressing dolls at my time of life. Crocheters will understand when I say that I want a life sized model to design for but other people won't. The doll is anatomically correct. I could have ordered a little boy doll but I didn't want any extra pieces of plastic spoiling the line of the baby clothes.

I  have spent some of today looking for Oscar. They still haven't found him. They want me to keep an eye out and phone them when I find him. It's very unusual for him to disappear like this. Perhaps he has realized that they have moved and in his cat like way has found himself a new place to stay. Usually when they are not home or on holiday the first place he comes for food is here. He has done that for years. I hope that he turns up soon.

I am on the finishing straight for the Doris Chan sleeveless jacket for my niece. I have about 8 more rows to do on the body and then all the edgings to crochet. After that I hope that I can force myself into some machine knitting. Once I start I will be fine and probably will machine knit for a while. It's just the starting that seems to be the problem.

It has been raining most of the day today. By the time the weather was nice enough to go out shopping it was too late. I managed to find things in the freezer to eat so I will try again tomorrow. I have got a rain poncho and rainproof trousers and jacket but I still don't like scooting in the rain unless I have to.


Anonymous said...

Wow! All that beautiful yarn -- can I come shopping at your house???

marg41 said...

Oh Jan I do hope that Oscar comes to your house for something to eat and sleep. He must have known something was going on. I wish I had a friend like yours - none of my friends knit, so I cannot exchange yarn. Hope the knitting machine is soon up and running, looking forward to seeing your beautiful work.