Sunday, 8 May 2011

An Unravelling Kind Of Day

Do you ever have days when everything that you start doesn't appeal to you. I started knitting some pale pink Sirdar Softee and decided that it looked unevenly knitted  and rather like a bed jacket so I unravelled the 3 balls that I had knitted.

Yesterday I got this CD in the post that I bought second hand from e bay. The reason that I bought it was that it had a very openwork jacket by Doris Chan that I have always admired on Ravelry but never been able to get the special Interweave edition from 2004 in a hard copy. Maybe this would be the pattern for the pale pink wool. Once again I didn't like it. As before it's not the pattern I think that it's the colour. Pale pink has never been a particular favourite of mine as I am more into the deeper jewel colours. So back that came. The poor yarn is now starting to look very bedraggled.

I have been pattern diving and think that I may have found the pattern I am looking for but then again somewhere in the stash I have another knitted pattern that I may use. I have made this crochet jacket many times although the sizes on the pattern are way too small for me and it usually involves a lot of changes. The pink wool is thicker than chunky so maybe this time I can crochet it to the pattern and it will fit. Decisions, decisions.

I also found this rather gorgeous pattern for a poncho. I must have torn it out of the Woman's Own many years ago. I can't remember when but an article on the other side of the page is announcing that Mary Poppins will preview in the UK next year. Mary Poppins seams to have been around for many years so it must be an old pattern. I don't know why I have never made it as I do love the colours and the fact that it has close crochet with multi colours. I am not burying this back in my pattern stash. This is going in the pending file. The trouble is that my pending file now resembles other peoples pattern stash!

The weather today can't make up it's mind. One minute the sun is trying to shine and the next it goes dull and looks like rain. I am still waddling around in my nightie and dressing gown so I had better get a move on and get ready to greet the afternoon as the morning is almost over.

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