Monday, 16 May 2011

Super Thick Chunky Jacket

This jacket is so lovely and warm and oh so squishy. Despite not being a lover of the paler pinks I do like the way that this jacket has turned out. The sleeve heads are a bit wonky as I tried it on before I blocked it out. It has taken 18 x 50 gram balls of the Sirdar Big Softee super chunky that I bought from Kemps for 69p a ball. I used an Emu Snowball pattern 3829 that I had in my pattern stash from a long time ago.

The jacket can be worn 2 ways. With the collar turned down as in this photo.

Or with the jacket left edge to edge which is probably the way that I will wear it. As today is a bit chilly and wet when I tried it on for the photograph I was reluctant to take it off. Although it is thick and warm the jacket is quite lightweight for a jacket and considering it cost me around £13 for the yarn I am very pleased with it. I would like it better if I was slimmer and fitted into the jacket properly or I had made a larger size.  I was a bit afraid of making it overlarge as chunky does tend to go bigger with washing and wearing.

I went to bed last night and after tossing and turning with my mind in a total churn I finally got up at 4am having not slept at all. I tried all the usual methods. Imagining myself on the beach listening to the ocean. When that didn't work I tried the yoga method of tightening different muscles in the body and then letting them go very loose. My mind however was full of crochet design ideas and so I got up and made a drink in the end. I had thought or putting my ideas down in a notebook but I think I will wait until I an buy a new one that I can keep just for this purpose. I think that I had too much sleep on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I am quite tired now and will probably nod off over my crochet. I am making one of Doris Chan's patterns for my niece with some Dusty pink Sirdar silky look DK . As it is worked top down there is not much to show at the moment. I hope that I don't go to sleep in the middle of crocheting.


June said...

Lovely cuddly jacket Jan. I really like it in pink as it is such a pretty colour and what a bargain from Kemps at 69p a ball, it was a too good to miss.
Sorry to hear you had a bad night's sleep, hope you are feeling more awake now and able to get on with all that you want to do.

Enid said...

what a gorgeous jacket!!!! I can imagine snuggling into it. will be very goodfor you when on Pearl.

Artibee said...

I have done two of these jackets one lemon in 1986 and one brown in '92. I loved them both dearly! So with the kitting pattern resurfacing from the back of the cupboard I want another. Any idea where I can get this wool nowadays? Thanks to anyone who can help.:)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

There are a few super chunky on the market at the moment. I think Sirdar do one. I usually Google things and see what turns up. I bought this yarn from a sale at Kemps a while ago.