Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mail On A Sunday?

I was woken up this morning by the sound of a loud lawnmower. My immediate thoughts were - How inconsiderate mowing so early on a Sunday morning. When I turned over to look at the clock it was 11.15am and I had totally slept through the alarm ( or switched it off). When that happens I feel very groggy for the rest of the day. I staggered  downstairs for a coffee to waken myself up and rescued the Sunday paper from the porch. On the mat was an envelope containing my latest copy of Inside Crochet. I doubt if the postman has started doing Sunday deliveries, plus I know that there was nothing in the porch up to 4pm yesterday, I am assuming that he put my magazine through the wrong door and that someone kindly hand delivered it for me. Thankfully I do have good, but not over friendly, neighbours.

The Willow Camisole by Irene Strange is pretty for someone young but the straps are shoestring and the model is using her long hair to cover up the wider straps of her flesh coloured vest that she is wearing underneath. I think that it would look far prettier with wider straps to hide any underwear as unless anyone is extremely bold it would need some sort of lining underneath it.

This is Eugenio Stork by Yanina Schenkel. You know my feelings about crochet toys. I can admire them and think that they are cute but I hate making them with a passion, especially getting the stuffing in the right places, and features embroidered on correctly.

Solomon's shrug by Jenny King. So named by the stitch used for the shrug. Laid flat is is a long length similar to a stole and is stitched together to form sleeves at either edge.

This Wedding Garter by Pauline Fitzpatrick has tiny beads in blue  and pearls worked into it. There is elastic in there somewhere to hold it up. It is labelled for an advanced crocheter as it is in very fine crochet cotton and a 1.25mm hook.

The Dewdrop scarf by Zoe Clements is made in Solomon's knot stitch. The name did make me giggle as over in the UK we call the clear drips from the end of your nose when you have a cold - Dewdrops.

I wish that I could wear a hat. The Lady Nada hat by Rommyna De Leeuw looks very pretty on the model. Some ladies have 'hat' faces and can make almost any hat look attractive. I however look like some weird old bag lady when I wear one.

This is the Miser Purse by Gwen Blakley Kinsler. It has a complicated way of fastening with the strings. The idea of a miser purse is that you can't lose anything out of it because of the way it opens. I haven't read this pattern through so I can't explain this version any further.

Lace Skirt by Linda Permann would be pretty on someone young and slim. As this lets me out on both counts it won't be on my personal 'to do' project list.

Flower Bunting by Joanne Whitehead would be a great decorative idea for a fete or even a garden party. The idea could some in useful for all the decorating the local town lamp posts that the Kings Arms knitters have been doing lately. I am sure that it will feature somewhere in my projects in the future.

The Diamond Shell by Lesley Arnold-Hopkins has an openwork diamond stitch around the lower edge which can't really be seen by the way that the model is wearing it. The shell is plain apart from the small amount of decoration.

The super thick pink chunky jacket is all finished as is actually stitched together now. As I got up late and am feeling rather droopy still I will wait until tomorrow to take photos of the finished jacket. I look bad enough when I am alert but not at my best with puffy eyes from too much sleep and creases etched in the side of my face by the wrinkles in the pillow. The jacket is extremely warm and will be great for wearing in the house on cold winter days or outdoors on a chilly Spring day.

My intention was to try out my knitting machine today but as I haven't woken up properly and I will need more concentration whilst I work out how to work out how to use the lace carriage once again. I am hoping that like riding a bike that it will all come back to me.

I was naughty yesterday and went web browsing and found out that Stash of Chester has a sale on with some wonderful bargains. I had to order. It's getting a bit of a compulsion that I cannot bear to leave absolute bargains un bought, This time is is some Louisa Harding for less than £1 a ball. I will show you when it arrives but if you do need any new yarn then do take a browse as the bargains in really good quality yarns have to be seen to be believed. I should start charging commission for telling people to view websites suck as Kemps and Stash!

I have sorted out the avalanche in my stash room. I have ordered some more cheap storage ideas from Amazon to try to stop the same thing happening again when I pull a pack of yarn from the bottom of the pile. I have ordered some pop up mesh laundry baskets, that have the right dimensions as the packs of yarn, so at least if anything falls it will be a whole net basket.

Next door is doing a lot of hammering and banging ready for their move tomorrow. I think that they are perhaps dismantling bunk beds although the eldest has just come to borrow a saw! 

I think that I will start some crochet for what is left of the day and make another mug of coffee to wake my brain up.


Anonymous said...

WAKE UP, JAN!!!! I hope shouting at you like that did it. ;-)

My favorite photo was of you own jacket. Not sure I'd make any of the other patterns. The bunting looks like too much work when I can go down to the Dollar Store and buy the plastic kind and just throw them away afterwards. If I put something like that together it would end up all tangled in a box -- like the Christmas lights.

I hope the rest of your day is clear-minded and lovely.

June said...

Can't say that I like any of the patterns in the magazine and will not bother to buy it this month. I really like yout new pink jacket though and look forward to seeing it on you.

Crochet dude said...

oh i cant wait for my copy to come now.

marg41 said...

I had a very late night Saturday, my Husband and I are Manchester City Supporters from way back - I used to go with my Dad when I was a little girl. Well, as you will now know, City won the F.A. Cup!!!!! Not a great game, but the end result was wonderful.
Our T.V. coverage started around midnight and went until just after 2am. Had a little nap yesterday afternoon (Sunday) Love your pink jacket Jan, I am sure you will get a lot of wear from it. Hope your coffee made a difference.