Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Getting Organized

Whilst the little flat storage trays that I bought last week are OK for buttons, beads and other smaller items I found that the bigger things just didn't fit. I ordered this storage set of boxes from Amazon. Each little box has it's own lid so there is no danger of items getting spilled out even if I knock the unit over. I have got my sewing needles, tape measures, stitch markers and other nick knacks stored in it although I may have a change around when my little layered work box arrives.

The Moses basket that I am going to use as a prop for displaying my crocheted baby jackets has arrived. I ordered it from best4babygudz through Amazon and it got lost in the post. I contacted Marc from the company today and not only did he give me a replacement for the lost one he also delivered it to me. Now that is what I call good service. Just watch now I bet that the missing Moses basket turns up later this week. I will, of course, ring him if that happens and then he can maybe collect it or arrange to have it collected. I think that I will put a few tacking stitches on the cover so that it doesn't show as much of the handles. I think that will look better in the photos. Hopefully I won't have to wash the cover as often as I would if it was for a real baby so I won't need to leave the handle slits on show. .

 Royal Mail strikes once again. If you remember my steam mop was stuck in the post for a long time. I don't blame the companies. They post things off in good faith and expect them to be delivered in reasonable time. I have been very lucky with goods that I have ordered online. Touch wood. The only thing that never turned up was a copy of Interweave crochet that got lost in the Christmas post. I got a replacement for it but I had to wait 2 weeks longer than everyone else to read it.

I should be starting to stockpile some baby crochet ready for when I get my web site and open my Etsy store but instead I have been knitting the Library Cape from Lion Brand patterns with some chenille that Sue gave to me. My daughter in law reads in bed and my son says she gets cold shoulders so I am making up this little cape as I think that it will be easier to manage while lying in bed reading than a larger shawl would be.

I really have no excuses for not starting baby things as I sorted out my baby crochet patterns into folders and ordered quite a few more baby crochet patterns from Just Crochet by Heather. Her patterns are quite girly although she does have a few designs for young baby boys. I have added a link to her pattern site in my blog title. As her patterns can be available as downloads they can be bought anywhere in the world. I just wish that more Mums liked the more ornate jackets, Babies are only this small for a few weeks so it's nice for them to be dressed up. Once they get bigger then the ribbons and rosebuds can be a problem. I love them and I know that Bev does also. I have quite a collection of Heather's patterns now.

This is just one pattern from my bargain hardback book that I got through Amazon. Once again it was a £2.81p bargain. This little angel top and mob cap are in The Baby Knitting and Crochet Book that was printed for W.H Smith in 1983, It has 130 baby patterns in it and even some machine knitted patterns in the last chapter, There are a lot of designs in this book that I will use. I will show you more of them tomorrow.

I was complaining about  our wet weather although it has tried to be sunny on and off today. Then I got an e mail from Bev saying that the snow had gone but left her area with floods (fortunately not her house) I guess that I shouldn't complain when some countries get such extremes of weather. I think that the UK has one season now. It isn't usually as cold as a lot of places in Winter and it certainly isn't as hot as most places in the Summer. I have been lax in my blog reading so forgive me if I am not up to speed with what you have written on your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Snow one day and then the windows open and the fan going the next. I tell ya, one never knows what they are going to wake up to here.

You know, if all else fails you will be able to open a yarn store in your home. ;-) I love that you are getting all organized. Please don't encourage me to do the same. I'm not sure I could handle organized.


crazymotheringchick said...

I have dreamed of visiting London for years, and am finally planning that trip for April of next year. Just recently, one of my patients is from England, and informed me that the weather is cold. "Julie" she said "pack your sweaters, and plan on wearing layers that you can peel off as the day progresses." Well I had no idea! For some crazy reason I just thought the weather would be the same as it is here, silly me. I'm so glad I met her. From your blog, it sounds just like what she said.

Mad about Craft said...

Sorry, Jan, I've forgotton all about sending you the mop head thingys. I'm afraid I can't put them in the post until after my holiday but I promise I will.