Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Mind Is So Full Of Ideas

I woke up this morning with my bead brimming full of ideas for designing items to crochet for my web page (still in planning). As yet everything is still in my mind and I have not done anything concrete about it yet. I couldn't wait to get downstairs and put my ideas on to paper. So why then have I spent the whole day browsing online for props and haberdashery items that I will need when I start. I have not picked up a hook or a knitting needle all day. I need some motivation and a whole lot of energy. I start the day full of enthusiasm and energy but most days that only lasts until after breakfast. I think that I will book another blood test to see if I am anaemic again. I feel very well mentally and my mind is very active it's just finding the energy to put my plans into action that seems to be lacking.

My storage boxes are still arriving. This will be my everyday work basket, I have a large wooden workbasket but it is a bit on the large side to keep in the lounge with me. This one will fit on the shelf of the coffee table and be less noticeable. My other storage boxes are great for the bits and pieces but this will hold my scissors and bigger items and stop them getting into a big jumble as they do in my present box which has no compartments. I bought this box online from Fred Aldous in Manchester.

Today I have been trimming and motif browsing. It's at times like this when I wish that I could just nip into Manchester and buy things for myself instead of paying extra and buying things online. Still it can't be helped so no use moaning about it.

As promised here are some more photos from the vintage W.H Smith baby book. There are 130 knit and crochet designs so I can only show you a few.
As there are lots more equally as nice patterns in this book I consider myself very lucky to have snagged this bargain.

I have just picked up the stitches for the collar band on the Library cape for my daughter in law. The chenille isn't as thick as the recommended yarn for the pattern but I think that just by it's texture it will be warm despite the looseness of the knitting. I always have trouble when working with chenille as I twist my yarn as I knit or crochet, and whilst it doesn't have any effect on ordinary yarn, chenille finishes up with loops as the twisted yarn untwists itself later. I will rinse the capelet through when it is finished and coax these loops back into the knitting.Well I will do that once the washer is repaired so that I can lightly spin the wet out of it before drying it flat. I don't want to have to wring it out or leave it dripping.

There is still no sign of the missing Moses Basket. I thought that now I have a replacement the other one might turn up. That is what usually happens. Maybe later in the week it will arrive.

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June said...

I look forward to seeing your new website up and running. What a lovely lot of baby patterns you have there, so much to keep you busy Jan.