Friday, 24 June 2011

Bows and More Baby Yarn

Abakhan delivered another parcel today. I really wanted Lilac in the James C Brett baby 400 grans but it was out of stock so I finished up with some more cream. It is a useful neutral colour and I have asked Abakhan to let me know when the lilac will be in stock so that I can order it later along with some lemon. I could get it from other sources but the prices are more expensive and I have to take this sort of thing into consideration. I like good  quality but I need competitive prices. Some places have the yarn cheaper but only in 4 colours whereas I need the full range. I am hoping to be mobile enough one day to go and choose my own from the Abakhan shop in Manchester or get up to Bury market and see what bargain packs he has on offer there.

I found the bows in their wedding section. I had looked in the trimmings and the rosebuds section online without success and felt sure that they must have some bows tucked away somewhere. They have now gone into my last empty compartment tray but I will need some more trays as I still have some trimmings on order from Purplelinda.. At least now I can see at a glance what I have. I am finding some kind of neat gene in organising these boxes. So unlike the normal me.

I have been doing a bit more baby crochet last night but today I have been doing a bit of long overdue tidying, dusting and hoovering. The cleaning urge doesn't come that often so I might as well make the most of it whilst it is here as it won't last for long. At least with all of my yarn containers, plastic boxes and laundry bags my mess is more organized. Still messy looking to other people but more contained in my eyes.

Feet up for an hour with a coffee whilst I watch the 60 minute makeover which makes me even more guilty about the state of my house. Still I would absolutely hate them to come and re-do my house as they would never give me enough storage space for my needs. They rip out huge walls of fitted wardrobes and give the people one stylish but tiny wardrobe in it's place for 2 people to share. I would weep if anyone did that to my bedroom! God only knows what they would think of my yarn and crafting stuff. I bet that they have never had to make a room over to contain all of that!

I am still adding to my pile of baby crochet that all needs finishing off. I will have to set a day aside to sew on buttons, thread ribbons and sew on trims. I am trying to do as much crochet as possible as once the garments are completely finished then I will have no excuse not to start inroads into trying to sell them. I am putting this off  until I have at least 10 sets finished.


June said...

It's getting quite exciting now, seeing all the lovely baby yarns and trimmings that arrive in your post. Even though I know I have ordered some yarn, I am always a bit excited when it arrives. Really looking forward to seeing all your lovely crochet items in your online shop. Good luck with it Jan, you deserve it.

FoFo said...

Very pretty! I bought more yarn last night, I will have to post pictures later. You do beautiful baby things!

Haylees Hats said...

can you not sell items you make from books or magazines? Lovely book x