Friday, 10 June 2011

I've Had A Great Week

I have had a great week. Monday I had parcels delivered. Tuesday the washer was repaired. From Wednesday onwards I have been riding on a metro tram from Piccadilly to Media City with Rachael, Roger, Martie, Louise, Sarah and some other fabulous knitters and crocheters.

Rachael is involved with a project with the Contact Theatre in Manchester and invited anyone who wanted to come along for the ride.Each day has been different. Wednesday and today we had Claire Rooney who was making up songs from suggestions that the passengers gave her. She wanted them to say what was the best thing that they had ever found and then she made up a song about it. Brian the tram driver entered into it and said the best thing that he ever found was his wife! The ticket inspectors have all entered into the fun of it so it has been a happy atmosphere with passengers singing along and shaking fruit shaped maracas.

On Wednesday we also had a rap and beat box group Country Boys Struggle and the lead was  rapping about topics given to him by members of the public travelling on the tram. I have put a link to the Contact Theatre in my blog page title. I do hope that those of you not in the UK can still view it. If you look at Day 3 video of Lost and Found then once you have listened to a bit of opera you will see glimpses of me along with other knitters and crocheters on the tram.

Tomorrow is the last day and instead of knitting on the tram we are meeting up at the Contact Theatre at 2pm to continue knitting and watch some more performances. It is the start of International Knitting Week so we are partly doing it for that as well.

The latest copy of Inside Crochet arrived yesterday and there was an article about Rachael from Artyarn who started off the Kings Arms knitters and has been involved in so many projects including this one with the Contact Theatre. This article is mentioning the work that she does with the Ministry of Craft. I will show you some of the contents of this magazine at the weekend.

Another of my bargain 1p books arrived today. Well it was 1p plus £2,80 postage. It is  Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss

The book is secondhand and the cover is a little bit dogeared but I don't mind that. I doubt that it's previous owner ever knitted anything from it as there is no obvious sign that the book has been left open at any of the pages for a while.
Extremely pretty to look at but not one that I would tackle at the moment. I always have practical thoughts when I see something like this. My first thought is " How do you change the baby?"  It would have to get stripped every time it wet itself as there doesn't appear to have any popper fasteners in the crotch area.

Most of these patterns I could make but wouldn't as I am not a lover of very intricate fair isle or pattered knitting for a small child. I don't mind putting in a lot of effort into knitting for an adult but as my son could get dirty sitting still, I went for plentiful and easy to clean when he was small. I suppose if you had a child who sat still and didn't look for every bit of dirt or mud to play in then it might be worth taking the time and effort to make some of these. I find it an effort to knit these days. I would rather crochet.

More work has arrived. I bought these plastic folders for storing patterns. I have a lot of pages torn from magazines that are extremely tatty plus a lot of battered knitting patterns. My aim one day is to have everything in a labeled folder so they don't keep getting worse everytime I have to rummage through them to find a certain pattern that I am looking for. I am not starting sorting them out this week though.

I haven't been doing a lot on my crochet as I was mostly knitting and crocheting strips whilst on the tram. These will be put on display at the Contact Theatre. Rachael was encouraging people who got on the tram to add a few rows. Those who stayed on the tram for the whole journey and knitted quite a few rows were encouraged to tie luggage labels with their names or a saying and tie it onto their bit of knitting.

Most of the people travelling on the metro this week have been lovely about what we were all doing and made comments like - we wish you were on here every week. Travellers from many different places who barely spoke English were there shaking maracas and joining in the chorus of Oh Yeah. Most people left the tram with a smile on their faces. There were the odd grumpy ones but they were in the minority.

I have enjoyed my week of riding the rails and am looking forward to the Contact  Theatre tomorrow. When I had a car I used to go along and watch plays pre main performances for a very small fee. I am not sure if they still do this but it was ideal for anyone on a limited budget to see live theatre. Even if they still do I  would have to travel to and from by taxi and it is across town.

There have been loads of photos taken, but not by me, but I have been promised some so I will put them on the blog when I receive them.

I have managed to get about this week. Wednesday I stupidly had a shoulder bag and a walking stick and so hardly got more than a couple of streets before I had to call a taxi as my back was hurting so much. Yesterday and today I wore a backpack and used my crutches. My back and legs are hurting today but it was nice to be able to get out and about. Coming home today though I only bought a loaf and I struggled to carry it home. I should maybe use my crutches just for a walk up and down the street and my scooter for any shopping.


crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, that does sound like a lot of fun! You must really enjoy being involved with a group of stitchers. I always look forward to seeing the magazine from you as well.

Enid said...

I was considering going to the theatre, but won't be now. tripped and fell, banged my nose, not broken but got 3 stitches across bridge. don't want to scare the horses!!!!!
looking forward to seeing pics.
you take care and not do too much.

June said...

What a happy way to promote knitting and crochet. Sounds like you all had a great time on those trams. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

Becks said...

Lovely book, I have to say I beat you in the bargain stakes on that one though, £1.50 in the local charity shop! I have adapted the stripey suit from it but not made anything else though.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that you are posting about your organization of your yarn, etc. I'm getting inspired to give it a go myself soon.

The pictures from the baby knit book are adorable. I can see you making quite a few of those.

Hugs from Utah!
P.S. My computer has been on the fritz and finally had to have a tech in. Five hours! I should have purchased a new computer. UGH!