Sunday, 26 June 2011

More photos

I have a lot of things planned for today. Nothing exciting, just chores unfortunately. I got up bright and early so I thought that I would post a few more photos from the 60 Quick baby knits today. I don't have much else to write about this morning except to say that the sun is shining on and off. Unfortunately more off than on ! Once I get stuck into doing things I tend to forget to write my blog so with nothing to write about yet it is short and sweet today with lots of photos. .

Not sure about the leg warmers but the hat is really cute.

Nice bright colours for a blanket.

Love this one.

Although the bird does look rather like a blue duck I still find this charming.

Unsure about the unusual shape of this baby blanket.

Bright and cheerful baby socks.

A nice basic cardigan pattern where the top in knitted as a yoke so no seaming together at the raglans.

Unusual striped hat. I like the different pattern of stripes.

One of my least favourite designs. Whilst I think that the flower idea is lovely all of that colour stranding makes it rather thick and little baby fingers can get trapped in the strands on the wrong side of the cardigan.

Once again not keen on the leg warmers but the jacket is rather sweet.

Cute little cushion.

Traditional aran style sweater.

Mitts with strings so that they don't get lost.

There are still loads more photos from this book to post. As I mentioned yesterday it is really good value for money in my opinion.

Time for breakfast now and as it is a Sunday it's traditional English breakfast for me with no thoughts of a diet. Bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes and potato cakes today. I do look forward to a traditional breakfast although I don't cook one every Sunday.

More photos from the book tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.

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June said...

Enjoy your breakfast Jan and have a nice Sunday. The sun is shining here and I hope it is where you are too.