Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More Display Models

Whenever I make garments for my two nieces I can never show them on my blog or Ravelry so that people can see what they look like in wear. Today I took delivery of my body double (yeah I wish!) so that you can see things modelled. It is hollow plastic and it was cheap but is ideal for what I need it for. I am not showing it without any clothes as it has realistic lady parts.

This is a much better view of Unchain my Heart by Doris Chan. See how much better it looks with a bit of shape to it. As I mentioned before I added rows as I am long waisted and big busted. If I were to make another one then I would add the rows before the shaping for the bust.

As you can see from the back view the darts start a bit high up. It seems to be more noticeable on the back than the front.

This is another view of my daughter in law's knitted chenille capelet.

As I don't suit hats I decided to invest in a polystyrene head shape. When I think about how I threw all the ones that I had in the shop down the dump I could cry. Never mind no use thinking about the past and what I threw away. I can't get them back now. My biggest regret was a beautiful swift constructed out of wood. It even had a wooden screw. I just never thought that skeins would ever come back into fashion after all the years of wool being balled. I think that my Dad handmade that swift for my Mum when all the hand knitted wool came in skeins. He got fed up of holding his arms out whilst she wound the balls. The hat pattern is Foliage from Knitty.com and the scarflet is just something that I crocheted with the left over wool.It was  Patons  Chunky but as I made it last year I can't remember the name of the wool. I only tried this hat on once and realized that it just isn't me. One day I will find a hat pattern to suit me.

The repair men for the washer came at 7.30am. I had set the alarm on my phone for early enough but not the main alarm. I don't always hear my phone alarm as I seem to have the quietest ring tone in the world. Even turned up to high I never hear it when the phone is in my pocket or bag. My old phone was much louder. When/if I get a new phone the first question that I ask will be how loud is the ring tone? Luckily though I was up when they knocked although I didn't have time for a shower as I had a feeling that they would arrive early. I had just got washed and dressed when the first guy knocked on the door. Five minutes earlier and I would have been scaring the life out of him in my nightie and with unbrushed wild witch like hair!

They managed to repair the washer today with the help of so many parts that I think that I practically have a new machine. I had taken out insurance on the machine so I had nothing to pay. I counted up the monthly payments and I think that I got a good deal as I bet the parts and labour today have cost far more than a year's insurance.

I have spent most of the day washing. Typically it has been raining so I could not dry anything out doors. I still have my bedding to wash and was hoping that the sun would shine but my friend informed me that the forecast is for rain.  Looks like that will be going in the dryer tomorrow.

I have been crocheting for a little while today. I am on my second matinee jacket. I went out shopping today as I needed something to make sandwiches for my Metro tram travels for the rest of this week. I also bought some food for the freezer and the usual bread and milk so I am stocked up now until the weekend.

I went into the cheap household shop today and bought the last two cheap plastic tray storage boxes .I want to use them to sort out my knitting beads and tiny pearl beads. He is getting some more stock in later in the week. The boxes that I bought online from Singer were better quality with more user friendly compartments but they were about 4 times the price of these, plus postage, so I will make do with some more of these boxes.

I hope that I remember to take my camera with me tomorrow and then I can show you the Knit crew on the Metro.

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Zuleika said...

Where did you buy your models? I've always wanted one, but never bothered looking as I figured they'd be too expensive.

It's such a shame you threw them away. That must hurt! :-( I have many regrets over things I've gotten rid of over the years. Always seems like once you let go of something, you find a use for it later on. Never fails!

So, Doris Chan pay you yet for all the advertising you do for her? hehe