Thursday, 16 June 2011

Massage and Heat

Last time that I saw the knee specialist he recommended that I saw a physiotherapist for some heat and massage to try to dispel all the swelling around my right knee. Although I would love to see a physiotherapist I would have to pay privately as the NHS doesn't do things like that owing to the cutbacks. They would probably have given me a sheet of paper with a list of exercise instructions, as they did before. To get proper treatment I would unfortunately have to pay. I went to see a guy before I had my knee operated on and he was really good but I was visiting him twice a week at a cost of £33 a session. As you can imagine my money ran out long before I had finished the treatment. I decided to buy myself a little home treatment. It won't be as good but the cost was less than one visit to the physio. It is a Homedics massager with optional heat. It's drawback is that it is rather heavy to wield and the heat is not very hot. I have only used it once so I can't as yet tell you if there have been any benefits.

I have lent my spinal Homedics chair massager to my neighbour next door as she was bent over double following a back injury. She is going to the  physio and her back is improving but I thought that her need of a back massage is greater than mine at the moment. Whilst  my back feels great when I am using it my knee needs a different kind of treatment.

My stitch in woven labels for my baby knit and crochet have arrived. I ordered them from Woven Labels UK and whilst they were not the cheapest option I think that they look rather nice especially the white and lilac label. Next time I order I will stay with the white background now I know what they look like. I still have not found the original larger printed labels that I ordered last year.

This is a little quick baby cardigan intended for my neighbour's sister's new baby boy who is due in July.

The teddy bear trimming that I ordered  from Abakhan is what I used to sew on the two small teddy bears. The trimming is sold by the metre but can be cut into individual teddy's. I would have preferred them to be a bit larger and will keep a look out next time I am near to a trimming stall for something bigger. I have ordered some individual stitch on motifs but as they work out around £2.50 each they are a bit expensive. I bought a metre of trimming for less than that. I am sure that I will pick up something suitable from the market haberdashery stall in Bury when I managed to get up there. When I order online I am never sure of how large things are, or in this case - how small.

Last night I bought some more crochet baby patterns from Just Crochet   by Heather.. I think that I know own 90% of the patterns that she has designed. All I have to do now is to actually start some of them. At the moment I am still crocheting a baby blanket in white for the same baby that I have made the jacket for. I have printed out so many patterns that I now need to order some more printer ink. I did try to economise by buying substitute ink cartridges but they didn't last 2 minutes. I will have to order the real deal very soon. Luckily I had a pack of the Epson ones in stock so I was able to finish off my printing.

The sun is trying to shine in between the dull bits. Still a sweater wearing kind of day thought, but at least it isn't raining at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more of your cute baby items.

Zuleika said...

Damn that knee of yours insists on being a nuisance! Shame NHS can't even help you much. I hope the massager you brought works. *fingers crossed*

I brought some stitch-in labels ages ago and never used them. I cant figure out how to stitch them in and have it look professional. Or atleast have it look like an adult did them instead of a 5 yr old. lol
I was thinking of getting iron on labels, but apparently they dont fare well with crochet or knit items.