Friday, 3 June 2011

More Stock Arrives.

I am starting to get a bit excited now as every day brings more stock for my online crochet venture. I have no excuse for not starting. I have my patterns, hooks, baby doll models, and yarns.

Today's delivery came from Abakhan. I prefer to shop in person but so far I am still at the walking a few hundred yards stage. The DK is for pram blankets and maybe some jackets and the 4ply cone is to go with the baby colours that I already have for machine knitting or crocheting. The cones are a more economical way of buying plus there are fewer joins in the garments.

Not all of this trimming, rosebuds and bows came today. I have just been sorting out what I already had in my stash into the plastic storage trays that I bought last week. I have ordered some mixed bags of very tiny buttons that have different shapes on them but I am on the look out for tiny baby buttons and thin ribbons. I have some plain ones left over from my shop. I think that I will need to find a good haberdashers, or market trimming stall, to find these. Some of the animal buttons that I already have in stash have sharp edges and are awkward to fasten . They are probably a bit too large for a tiny baby jacket anyway.

This trimming came from Abakhan. I have chosen the ones that can be snipped into individual motifs without fraying. I love the little blue teddies. If I get to Abakhan then I will look what other colours they have. They are tiny but ideal for premature baby cardigans.

This tray was mostly bought recently except for the white bows, large white rosebuds and small blue rosebuds. The rest were what I had bought in the past from various web sites. The tiny coloured bows came from 2 bargain mixed bags of bows from Abakhan.

Most of this tray is from when I had a shop. The large motifs I bought today from Abakhan but they are somewhat darker coloured than I imagined them to be. I will have to look out for some paler ones suitable for pram blankets, although I do plan to crochet some.

I have finished off my daughter in law's black chenille Library Cape. The pattern is from Cozy Cover Ups by Lion Brand. The chenille was given to me by my friend Sue. My DIL reads in bed but her shoulders get very cold.

Luckily my DIL is smaller than I am as I seem to have one boob hanging out when I took this photo. Memo - always check in a mirror before pressing the shutter on the camera!

I have started her a grey random chunky shawl in the traditional V shape with some Grey random James C Brett chunky. I hope to have that finished off by tonight.

I am getting all excited and dying to start with some items for my website. I decided to treat it like a job. So many hours per day for the website and the rest of the time for my own projects. If I try to organize my time better it will hopefully get rid of this laisse fair attitude that I have at the present. If I want it to succeed as a little business I have to be realistic about how long it takes to make something and have a regular output per week. I can't do a 9-5 day as my mornings just seem to get away from me. By the time I have had breakfast and showered the morning is half over.I have got out of the routine of being ready for work by 8am and I doubt that work ethic will ever return. I crochet a lot in the afternoons and evenings so I should start a working day around noon until the early evening.

I am planning on starting working on this project next Monday as I still have quite a few things that I have to start and finish before then. Better to start my working week on a Monday to get into the swing of things.

I got a copy of the letter that the knee specialist has sent to my GP. Reading that I know that he just wasn't listening to me at all. The letter is almost the exact opposite of what I said to him and he makes no mention of his advice to have physio, heat treatments and massage.  I think that it is all to make the operation seem like it was a huge success which we all know it wasn't. I have an appointment for another scan but on my left knee this time and a further appointment to see the specialist next January. In other words his attitude is buzz off and stop bothering me. The only trouble is that letter could affect my claiming disability benefit as it reads as though I am OK now. Looks like I will have a fight on my hands to get the benefit renewed once it gets reviewed. If I am still as bad by then I might pay for a second opinion or get a letter from a physio after some treatment.

The sun is shining (mostly) and I have the windows open as I like to get some fresh air into the house. It isn't quite warm enough to sit out doors yet. When the sun goes in then it starts to look quite gloomy as if rain is imminent.

There have been some couples viewing next door. I don't wish to appear snobby but the ones so far aren't really what we are used to on this street. The woman yesterday had badly dyed pillar box red hair, chav hoop earrings and two fat children. She was yelling at her husband and chewing gum all the time. Such class!

Today's couple were about the same socially. I think that they got lost on the way to the Jeremy Kyle show. The woman this time was shouting down her mobile phone apparently to her Father. The husband looked a bit quieter but defnitely not from the top drawer. I am surprised as the landlord will have set the rent quite high and I would not have thought that either of these last 2 couples could have afforded the rent. Right bitch over for today. I am still praying for some new tenants with class and a bit of pride in their surroundings as the back garden is like a huge jungle at the moment. Time to get on with my crochet I think.


Anonymous said...

Oh, all those lovelies. I can't wait for you to open your shop. It's going to have so many lovely things in and I know it will go really well. Your philosophy about it is excellent, I think.

I love the shoulder shawl. It will be perfect and she will love it.

June said...

Really looking forward to seeing your shop, should be interesting and full of lovely things.