Monday, 6 June 2011

I Am Still Organizing

Yesterday I was still organizing. I haven't sorted out all of my patterns as that would be too daunting a task but my baby patterns are sorted into categories that I understand. Today my replacement printer ink arrived and printer paper so I have been busy printing out all of the patterns that I bought from Just crochet by Heather. I know some people prefer to crochet from the file but I am a paper pattern kind of girl. I don't have a lap top and don't fancy spending hours sitting on my PC chair when I could be in my comfy rise and recline chair in front of the TV.

As you can see I still have some buttons left over from when I had the shop. However certain colours and sizes are missing as I have used them up over the years. At least now I can see what I have to buy.

I ordered some tiny buttons online but I didn't realize that they would be so teeny tiny. I will use them for decoration rather than as fasteners. They are very pretty though.

My baby doll models will no longer be in the nude. I have got them a babygro each to wear. I thought that they would look better with pants on when they are modelling matinee coats. Sylvia threatened to report me to the baby doll authorities if I left my babies nude and insisted on them all sharing one Moses Basket!

This is another of my bargain books through Amazon. I would never have paid full price for it but at £2.81 it is a bargain. It is more of a toddler to small child sized book.

Afghan with a beach theme, I think they are meant to be starfish.

Nice pattern stitch. Sorry about the light dazzle from the camera flash.

The little jacket and hat are rather nice but not sure what is going on with the toe less socks!

I dare not let my younger niece's friend see this as her oldest little girl is duck crazy. She is still wearing the duck hat that I made for her last year .

This one is called the Shirley Temple dress.

Another terrible photo but the sweater does have a matching dolls sweater which you can barely see.

A strange little all in one. Not my taste as I can't see any openings for nappy changing.

 The jacket pattern is nice but I would omit the denim pockets.

Again my rotten photography prevents you from seeing the lovely aran type stitch of this sweater.

A boy's zipper in a chequerboard pattern.

A wild west fringed jacket with it's own Davy Crockett hat.

Another lousy photos showing an aran style V neck sweater.

A cute little jacket with a snowflake on the pocket.

Pretty poncho for a little girl.

Whilst I have been writing this blog one set of my cheap inks has run out. The proper ones for this printer cost around £30 for the set of 4. They don't last 2 minutes but these cheaper ones didn't even last a day. But then I have done a lot of printing. Next time I buy patterns I will pay the extra and get them printed out and sent to me. The postage etc is still cheaper than buying printer ink all of the time.

Last night I was crocheting the first of the matinee jackets destined for Etsy or my web page. I am not going to reveal though until I am ready to launch the site.

I am not going to knit club tonight as the ladies will have been on the metro tram today and will be a bit tired after that. I prefer to save my taxi money for another evening. I hope to  join the knitters/crocheters on the metro later this week.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a nice button collection. They are so darn expensive. Every time I go for buttons it's at least $10. That's outrageous for a few bits of plastic.

Hugs from Utah,