Sunday, 19 June 2011

Little Crochet

This book turned up in the post on Friday.Little Crochet by Linda Permann. I had pre ordered it way back in December and was  convinced that Amazon had forgotten about sending it to me as lots of finished projects began appearing on Ravelry. I know that the UK lags way behind when a new book is published but this book seems to have been way, way behind.

Where would a crochet baby book be without at least one granny square pram rug? I do like the bright colours and the circular centres as a change from the plain granny square.

As this is called a jingle bell I presume that somewhere in it's interior is buried a bell. Nice and soft so the baby can't knock itself out whilst practising catch.

Nice textured baby blanket. Makes a good blanket for a boy as it's not too fussy.

This is great if you have a baby like mine was. He would never keep a cover on him and as I lived in a cold house when he was a baby a sleeping bag was an essential piece of baby wear. He used to sleep in a hat and mitts!

This is so pretty and bright enough to catch a baby's eye and keep it amused.

Very patriotic. Would look nice though in toned down or darker shades.

Pretty little sun dress if we ever get a summer. I suppose it could be worn as a pinafore with a long sleeved T underneath and a pair of tights or trousers.

Nice boyish jacket. It is hard to find a crochet pattern that doesn't look too open work. Boys are a bit difficult to crochet for when they reach a certain age as lots of the patterns are unsuitable for rough and tumble play wear.

Bit of extra warmth on those chilly days. I wouldn't make it in such a jazzy colour though.

Not sure if these are soakers or just trousers. I suppose it depends on which type of wool that you use.

This little top is the one that has made me impatient for the delivery of this book. It seems to be number one favourite amongst the Ravelry crocheters. One lady has made it in King Cole Riot which is a multi coloured DK similar to the Noro colours. This design is definitely on my 'to do' list when I find a little girl to wear it.

This jacket is another Ravelry favourite. It's a bit difficult to see on the photo but there are little squares on the yoke of this jacket. Very pretty design.Another design for my 'to do' list.

This cape is ideal if you have a little girl who loves to dress up.

I have shown the bonnet version but there is also a beanie design in the same stitch.

Whilst I don't really like crochet cushions I think that this owl is very cute.

A cute bright giraffe for those of you who like making stuffed animals. Whilst I love the look of them they are not something that I like to crochet.

I have made this little baby coat for my next door neighbour's sisters baby boy to be. I used a free pattern by Susan B Anderson (click for link to pattern) called Hello Baby. It is knitted top down and was a very simple pattern to knit. I used James C Brett DK baby wool and as I normally knit on the loose side I used a smaller needle. The result is an extremely tiny cardigan so if the baby turns out to be a larger baby then I will replace it with a larger one. I am never quite sure when using US patterns as I am sure that US yarns are different thicknesses to UK ones. This little coat took less than 100 grams. I will make it again but adjust the sizing by using either thicker yarn or a larger needle.

This is my favourite quick layette outfit. I use one of the many basic top down crochet baby jackets that are free on Ravelry but the blanket is just made with a simple 5 UK alternating treble shell pattern. I edged this one with a remnant of blue Sirdar Silky look DK and used teddy bears cut from a length of trimming that I bought from Abakhan. I found the crochet teddy motif as a free pattern from Ravelry for the pram blanket. This layette is for my neighbour's sister's new baby boy due in July.

Yesterday I received my latest copy of the Interweave Crochet but as my blog is rather full of photos today I will show you the contents of it another day.

Not a nice day today. It's cold, dull and a bit windy. It's silly that I am wearing an (imitation) fur lined body warmer in the house in mid June! I should be in my sleeveless tops and crocheting in the garden. So far this year I can count the days when I could do that.


crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, some cute stuff in here. I like the balls, and that little mobile is cute enough to hang anywhere, baby or not! LOL

Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Some cute stuff in there all right. The little baby set is adorable and I know it will be well received when given. I always love a bit of trim to accent things.

Zuleika said...

Oooh I love the jacket and top you said are favorites. I wish I had a girl around to make them for. hehe

It is weird that we're so cold in june. Winter just doesnt want to go away!

Maria said...

Your layette is gorgeous, so sweet for a newborn. And without first reading your comments I picked the same fave one as you and it appears many others

Xarochita said...

i love the owl....!
niceee =)