Saturday, 25 June 2011

Now Where Are My Knitting Needles?

My last order of trimmings arrived today. Some more rosebuds and bows from Purplelinda.

Yesterday I bought another 5 flat trays and re-organised my buttons and trims into colours. Everything is see at a glance and I even have one tray left over for any more trims or buttons that I need to buy.

The reason why I want to grab my knitting needles is this book. I bought it through Amazon from GB books and it cost £9.66p including the postage. It is rare that I buy a book and like almost everything that is in it. I am resisting picking up my needles at the moment as I could not make any of these for my store because of copyright reasons. I will certainly be making somethings from it for friends babies. 60 lovely patterns for less than £10. What a bargain. Because there are so many patterns in this book I will have to show them to you over a few days.

Awww super cute

The other side of the hat has the sheep's bob tail.

Modern stripes are so colourful.

Isn't this adorable?


Head to toe prettiness.

So simple and yet so cute. One of my favourites.

I wish that I had the patience to knit this pram blanket.

Or this one.

A cute little cloche. I love the ribbed edging.

An unusual colour choice for a baby but somehow it works.

Lovely unisex hat with it's little plaits.

Another of my favourites. I am not sure that I would add the ribbon braiding but it would still be lovely without the trimming.

I will add some more photos tomorrow.

Today I got my copy of Crochet Today. I will let you see the contents once I have looked at it myself. I am going to make a coffee when I have finished this post and settle down for a good browse.

I think that I am gaining the black cat. She came in this morning like a drowned rat. I towelled her dry and she is sleeping somewhere. She has a home but she does like to visit me. At her home there is a black Labrador and an 18 month old baby to contend with and share attention. She is a very needy cat and wants to be stroked all of the time.I must make more effort into finding out her name I can't keep calling her the little black cat.

I have now finished crocheting the pink baby set and am onto a blue set now. I will have a full day's worth of sewing up and trimming to do as I keep adding finished items to the pile before I sew in all the loose ends and seams.

I didn't get much done last night as I kept nodding off. I decided to have an early night because I was so tired but the moment that I got into bed I was wide awake again. After a while I came downstairs and made a drink, did a bit more crochet and nodded off. I woke up after a few minutes and tried once more to get to sleep in my bed. No luck for ages. I don't know why I can nod off so easily in a chair and yet not fall asleep in bed! I would sleep in my chair downstairs except that I wake myself up all the time when sleeping in the recliner. Today I am yawning already and it's barely lunch time.

Maybe that coffee will wake me up as I need to get on with some crochet before I get side tracked by the new baby book. If the weather was nice I could open the patio door for some fresh air but it's raining again as per usual.


Anonymous said...

Why not call him Snuggles since he likes to be snuggled so much. I'm sure he would answer to whatever name you gave him (or her?). I too love that book, Jan. There are so many cute things. Makes me want to learn to knit again. I can't believe how organized you are. When the kids finally move out I am going to get organized too. You've given me so many great ideas.

FoFo said...

I would love to adopt another kitty to go with our Samson but I think my dh would have a litter of kitten if I did.

The pictures in the book are lovely! Can't wait to see what you are using all your bows and roses for.