Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pearl and I Got Soaked Today

I decided to go out for some food shopping on Pearl and the heavens opened. Thankfully I had my bright yellow plastic rain cape with me. My arms were sticking out of the cape and it was then that I found out that my jacket is only showerproof and not suitable for pelting rain. I did stay reasonably dry though as did my shopping as I put that under my cape. I did have to change my trousers though as they had a wet 5" around the bottom of the legs and a wet patch on the side where my cape must have not been quite in the right place. I had a T shirt under the jacket so only my arms got wet and not my clothes.

I bought some more plastic storage trays as they are wonderful for separating buttons, trims and beads, The pop up laundry mesh baskets are useful as they pack away flat when they are  not needed.

This is the type of things that I am storing in the flat boxes. Not the yarn as that is for a cardigan for my next door neighbour's sister's baby boy when he arrives in July.

More supplies of baby yarn. I prefer the 400 gram balls by James C Brett as there are no joinings if I am making a shawl or pram blanket. These balls and the trimmings came from Abakhan. I wish that I could shop in person but even if I managed to get there from the tram I would have the problem of getting back to the tram loaded with parcels.

Today this leaflet arrived in the post. Beautiful Baby Boutique  by Rebecca Leigh and published by Annie's Attic. I had looked at the leaflet several times but thought that it was expensive. Amazon has reduced it to almost half price so I just had to get it. I think that everyone of the patterns is just so pretty. I will let you make up your mind.

All very girly designs but then I do think that crochet lends itself more for little ladies than for the boys. I shall be doing these patterns for sure although I have so many lovely patterns it is difficult to know which one to crochet first.

I have been crocheting a few sets for my web page but my one bete noire is booties. I always go wrong with the ones that have an oval sole and usually finish up with 2 odd booties. I found this pattern Emma's Baby Booties  which has a rectangular sole but it turned out too small to match the outfit size I had made. I have now started another bootee pattern which is starting to look rather like bed socks for a 2yr old. If I don't master a nice bootee pattern soon all of my outfits will be short of footwear!

Now I am back at home the rain has stopped. That is just my luck. I have my little black lodger cat asleep on the rocker. She followed me in looking like a drowned rat.

I seem to have new neighbours. They moved in on Monday evening and I have caught glimpses of so many people coming and going with vans and cars I am not sure who is actually living there. I think that it's a youngish couple with a little girl around 3-4yrs. So far they are really quiet so I hope that they always will be. I rarely hear the little girl but then it hasn't been the right weather for her to venture outdoors. There isn't a gate to stop her going from the back garden out into the street so maybe that is why she hasn't been out yet. Our street doesn't have that many cars but the ones who do drive by do so at speed paying no heed to any little ones or animals. I sometimes wonder where all of these cars come from or go to as I live on a street that goes around in the shape of a horseshoe so they can't be cutting through to get to somewhere else. A lot of cars and vans don't actually belong to anyone in the street so it's always been a mystery just where they are going to.


June said...

What pretty baby patterns. Makes me wish that I had a baby girl to crochet for, but that was many years ago now.

FoFo said...

It's storming here too. I think I talked my boss into not making me go out to the bank. I'm so swamped with work I just don't want to!

The pop up laundry sorters are so handy, I actually use one to take towels and and what not to the beach.

The pattern booklet looks lovely! I really like those little dresses! Mine aren't little anymore so I can't make one for them.

Happy Crafting!!!

Zuleika said...

OMG I love those patterns!! Doesn't even matter if I have no girls to crochet for, I'd still make these. hehe