Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Keeping Busy

I have been neglectful of my blog these last few days but I have been very busy with my baby crochet as you can see.

They are not completely finished off as yet as they are minus the buttons, ribbons and trimmings. They will be revealed fully finished when I am ready to make up my Etsy store.

Some more packs of trims arrived today from Kemps. I still have some more on order from Purplelinda and Abakhan. These last few days I have been sorting out buttons and trims into even more storage trays but I still need a few more trays. Everything does look so much more organized in see through containers. I can see at a glance what I have now without rummaging through boxes and bags in the stash room. I have far more small buttons than I thought I had now it is all organized.

 Hopefully I will get to Bury market and Habiknits soon so I can see what kind of trims and ribbons they have. Ordering online is difficult as I am never quite sure how big (or small) trims are going to be. It's all a bit hit and miss, but as my Dad used to say 'They will come in useful one day and they don't eat anything' It's no wonder that I have hoarding tendencies coming from a Dad who saved every little bit of wood, nail and screw in case it came in handy and a Mother who was very make do and mend and reluctant to throw anything away if she could make something else out of it.

My late Aunt Edna (my mother's older sister who I am supposed to be the most like) was a complete hoarder and had rooms in her house full of knitting machines, half finished projects and lots of wool. She had successful wool shops in Wales for many years so her eccentricities made her plenty of money. She often looked like a tramp ( or the cleaner) and not the owner of many shops. Maybe I do take after her in more ways than just the wool hoarding ;-)

This pack of Sirdar Calico DK fell into my shopping basket from Kemps but at 99p a ball it was such a bargain that I could not pass it by. There is only this pink and a sort of gold colour for sale at this price. I am not sure whether this will be a little dark for baby wear but it will get used one way or another.

The latest copy of the Interweave Crochet arrived but I think that I am in the baby crochet mood so not much in the magazine has caught my eye this time. Maybe later when I am in the mood for crocheting adult wear.

The little girl dresses are quite sweet but I don't have anyone to crochet them for.

My friend Sue came to visit me today and brought some lovely shawlettes that she has been crocheting to show me. I really should take some photos of her things when she comes as she hasn't put anything on her Ravelry project page as yet. As always I feel really guilty when she calls as I have yet to master the lace carriage on my knitting machine and I promised her a couple of baby cardigans for her grand daughter. I don't know why but I am just not in the mood for my machine at the moment. I have phases when I want to crochet, when I want to hand knit and when I want to machine knit but that is more infrequent than the first two.

After she had left my postman brought me another of my bargain books from Amazon. This time a baby knitting book. I will show it to you next time I post as it has some lovely designs in it. The post also brought me some acid free tissue paper, large plastic zip lock bags and some grey plastic postal bags. All I need now is an Etsy site and some customers! I should have browsed more carefully for the tissue paper and made sure that I ordered the whiter than white tissue. This paper looks quite grey in comparison.although it is supposed to be white. Hopefully it will look OK to wrap things up in if I trim it with a fine paper florist ribbon. This is the problem with not being able to shop personally. Everything looks different on line.

Tonight will be more crocheting. I am really getting into the swing of this baby crochet. I still have lots to make yet as I want to open my store with a flourish and not a whimper. I am thinking positive about future sales, good photography and nice packaging as that can make all the difference to sales.


Sharon Marie said...

Pretty yarn! I see myself when I read your blog--yarn hoarding ;)

Anonymous said...

Your things are always so special. I envy your way with color. You will be sucessful I am sure. I

Enid said...

great work on the crochet. I think that pink yarn will do fine for baby items. are they 50 gram balls? good value.