Saturday, 5 January 2008

Whew - Chris's hat is finished at last

I have finally finished the doubled hat meant for Chris for Christmas. I have never taken so long to finish a hat. It is completely reversible, fits great and is wonderfully warm but it would take a lot more than a few double rum and cokes for me to ever attempt another one. It wasn't hard to make it was, for me, just very slow. If anyone wants to make one this is where I got the free pattern from

Most of my problems stem from the fact that I knit so slow on 5 needles anyway and having to knit 2 rows for every one (If you read the pattern you will understand) and watching tv tends to let my mind stray and I kept finding odd stitches of the wrong colour on the wrong side and so I was doing a lot of un-picking stitch by stitch. I turned the bottom up slightly on one photo so that the darker underside can be seen.

My niece came today with some black Double Knit intended for Kath's ribbed jumper but I think I will make the babies replacement Upside Down Daisy Hats first as with all this cold weather I think they need warm hats.

I am now looking forward to starting the daisy hats even though they are on 5 needles. They are small and plain and I can watch tv and knit away. I need a little brain rest before I start another large project.

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crobbles said...

The hat looks great, but I think your idea of knitting it like a sausage is a better way to do it. I'm looking forward to seeing the daisy hats.