Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My reversible hat - one side knitted one side crocheted

I finished off my reversible hat. I knitted one side with a fair isle pattern but decided to practise my tapestry crochet skills for the second side. I had made a waistcoat in tapestry crochet many years ago and seen many things on Flikr using the technique so decided it was time to see if I remembered what to do. Success. It is a little tricky to remember to cover the thread of the carried colour so I think it was a good idea to practise using thick wool. I think I must have a small head though as it sits on my head rather like a centurion helmet if I was flattering my work or an upturned bucket if I am being honest. Every time I make a hat it finishes up falling over my eyes. Perhaps I should try making a large child's sized hat next time. Obviously I don't have a lot of grey matter in there to make it an adult size head.

Yesterday was Blue Monday according to the TV. Officially was is the day when people were most likely to feel depressed. I thought it was Blue Everyday when it's raining, dark and miserable or is that just me. I cannot get my act together these days. I am awake half the night as I can't get to sleep and then I don't wake up until 9 - 10am. I had just nodded off when the lass who lives across the road started scraping the ice off her windscreen. Where was she going at 4am? Strange time to start work. My poor dog's routine has all gone to pot and he is very unhappy about it all. He hasn't had his daily 2 walks for over a week. Last week it was hospital appointments that messed up our routine. This week it's me. Please, please can the sun shine soon. Please let me wake up to the sun on my face. It's all so depressing. How many more weeks is it until Spring?

My washer has decided to have a funny turn. Whatever will go wrong next? I rinsed Kath's finished rib sweater through to try to rid it of the clinging dog hair and put it into the washer for a spin. When it came out it was just as sopping wet as it had gone in so I put it in again thinking I had turned it to the wrong setting. The washer drum is going around slowly but never changes gear to go into the spin cycle. It's only a couple of years old so I hope it's nothing major. I bought a Bosch thinking it would last me for a while but apparently I am the kiss of death to anything mechanical or electrical. I am sure I took out extended warranty on it but I can't remember where I put the paperwork and bill to check. I put things safely away and then can't find them.

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Rose said...

Hi there I think the hat is wonderful, you are so talented, I wish I could do that it's advanced work that is , well done you !!!I too cannot sleep , the older I get the worse I get , I went to sleep till 3am and read catherine cookson till 5.30 then as you say don't want to get up.Talk about things going wrong ! if you read my latest blogs you will see how long I have waited to move into my own apart. 2 years in all with things keep going wrong but I am in now thats wonderful I don't think I will ever move again.Kind regards Rose