Thursday, 3 January 2008

Reversible Hats for the babies

Thursday evening

I finished off the second hat tonight. The pattern in Itty Bitty Hat book by Susan. B Anderson called for the hat to be lined with fabric but I thought that I would make the hat reversible by knitting two hats and joining them together so that they can wear them either colour way. For the photos I turned the hats to different sides as you can see by looking at the photo with the folded back ear flaps where the other colour shows through. I am not that good at embroidery so don't look at my dog eared lazy daisies and my dodgy snowflakes too closely! I didn't make the hats with a pointed top or put on a pom pom on as that would have stopped me turning them into reversible hats.

My friend Caroline came around today so I almost started on one of my New Year's resolutions to file my patterns but she decided that my dark roots were showing so it turned into a girly afternoon with the blonde hair dye. We did put the Christmas decorations back into the loft so it was a good afternoon despite no filing. My resolution to lose weight hasn't started yet as we called into the chippy on the way to her house and of course I thought Hmm good idea I had nothing really planned for my tea either so it didn't take much persuasion for me to accompany her into the lure of the chip shop. Of course I will swear that she forced me into it!

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