Monday, 21 January 2008

New crochet book arrived today

I have almost finished the black K2 P2 ribbed polo neck sweater. Just got 10 rows on the neck and then I am done. It's all stitched up as well. All I need now is to rinse it through and try to de- dog hair it. The first photo will explain to you to the problems I have on a daily basis. That lump of hair is just from one brushing. No wonder it is all over anything I make. If I had a spinning wheel I am sure that by the end of the year I would have a bag of the year I would have enough to spin something. Instead I just throw it in the bin.

My reward for knitting the sweater for my niece was a lovely crochet book called Sensual Crochet by Amy Swenson (I have posted a couple of photos). I had put quite a few books on my wish list for Amazon and so just asked her to choose something and this arrived this morning. They are very prompt at Amazon as I am sure it was only ordered on Friday.
My hook is itching to start something but I have my orders to fulfil first.

My son came today and brought a new car battery for me. Just when I thought I was economising this month. These things can never been for seen unfortunately. I had sent a link as a joke to him of a fun hat I saw on Etsy and guess what - my daughter in law loved it. I think I know the principle of how she made it so I will have my own version shortly if I can find all the jazzy colours.

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Crobbles said...

I'm sure that between us Knitting Noras we could come up with a rainbow for you.

that book looks fab. Can youy bring it to the Knit Out?