Friday, 11 January 2008

My poorly dog

I think Buster has picked up a tummy bug. Either that or he has eaten something that hasn't agreed with him. The first signs were very early this morning when he wanted to go out. As it was cold and dark I didn't linger around to see what was happening out there in the garden so didn't think too much about it. We went for our usual morning walk but he was extremely grumpy snapping and growling at two of his best doggie friends. He came back and refused his breakfast. When we went out for his second walk he had the trots (as my son calls them) all around the woodland but still managed to chase his stick. When we came back however he was sick everywhere - yes you guessed it all over my newly cleaned carpet but luckily I still have the Vax so it was easily cleaned up again. He is now curled up in a ball whinging and feeling very sorry for himself. Let's hope he feels better in the morning.

I have finished Kacey's Upside Down Daisy hat from the Itty Bitty Hat Book by Susan B Anderson. I still have Emily's to start tonight. I made it in lilac at the request of my daughter in law as their new coats are lilac. I have found some similar free patterns from the net if anyone likes the hat as the book only really caters for babies up to the age of about 3 yrs. I will try to post the links another day when my Internet Explorer decides it will open my saved web pages. I have taken off the Norton Anti Virus but it still will not open so I was wrongly blaming that and now I don't know what to try next.

The other photo is of the finished back of Kath's sweater. It looks very long and narrow but that is because it is K2 P2 rib and so it very stretchy. I have knitted about 5" on the front now but am finding it a bit tedious all that ribbing, especially in black wool, and as most of my knitting is done in artificial light so hard not to get a stitch wrong here and there.

I watched a programme last night about the additives in ready prepared meals. Like any older person living alone I do sometimes use convenience microwaveable food especially on a bad back pain day but I will be more reluctant to use them after seeing how much fat, salt and sugar are in some of the meals. It's hard to know what is safe to eat. Reading food labels is very confusing and even when I think I am OK sticking to making my own meals I often wonder just what is in the meat, chicken and fish and what additives have been sprayed on my fruit and veg. I know the answer is to buy organic but it is so expensive for anyone on a budget. My friend Vicky has told me of the Farmer's Market in Ramsbottom and so I am hoping to get there this Sunday and hopefully buy some fresh food a little cheaper.

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Mad about Craft said...

It could be that you still have a virus or spyware on your computer. I've found that if my computer is playing up it is usually one of these.
My computer is protected with AVG (as I've said before, downloaded off the internet) and spybot (also download free)
Hope you can sort it soon. It is so frustating and time consuming messing about with computers that would do what they are supposed to do.