Thursday, 24 January 2008

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday I was depressed, moody at the end of my tether. The house was untidy and I didn't care. I got up late and I didn't care. The ironing wasn't done and I didn't care. Today I got up and the SUN was shining. No warmth in it of course but that didn't matter it was there up in the sky bright and yellow and shining. I felt alive once again. Ready to conquer the world (well the hoovering anyway) The downside was the sun showed up my dirty windows. Ah well there is always a snag to anything good.

Today I went to water aerobics and our group had arranged for this little bluff. I would pretend it was my retirement party in February and issue invitations. We told everyone on the quiet (or thought we had!) that it was really the instructor's mother who is also in our class and is 60 in February. I pretended to give out the invites with instructions to open them later. Her daughter had even printed up different ones for her mother and aunt so that they too would get an invite. Then one dozy old bat opened hers and said in a loud voice who is this on here. Of course the person whose surprise it was supposed to be said "Hey that's me why I am I on your invite" Her daughter was so upset and annoyed. She had gone to all the trouble to try to keep it all a secret and this dozy bat let the cat out of the bag so it's all been spoiled now. I said to her did you not hear what we said "Don't open it until later?" She said Oh I thought you said there was a voucher in there. How can you make what we said into that. I think she needs her ears testing and a check for senility!

The photos of Kath's sweater didn't come out all that well as it was an extremely dull day when I took them. Hard to photograph black in the gloom. I should have re-done them today when the sun was shining but I have been out most of the day. I was right about the raglan shaping. I tried my hardest to match the ribbing up but am not really satisfied with the way it has turned out. It's no-where near as neat as I would have liked it to be, seems a little lumpy in parts. Next time I will work decreases within a plain stitch at the raglan edge to make it neater and easier to stitch together.

I have knitted one side and half of the other side of an adult sized version of the doubled sided ear flap hat that I made for the babies. Hopefully I will finish it off tonight although I am pretty rubbish at embroidery and she wants it putting on the hat. Thankfully the other hat is for a male and he doesn't want embroidery on his.

I found out today that my niece ordered 2 books for me and that one was out of stock and will arrive later so I am looking forward to seeing what the post will bring for me. I thought I was only getting the one that I got a couple of days ago so it's a nice surprise. My wish list on Amazon has both knit and crochet books on it and a couple of sock books so it will be a surprise to see what arrives. I also have a voucher for £10 to spend with them but will wait until the other book arrives to spend it. I don't want to duplicate a book. I love craft books. I take them to bed and have a good read as when they first arrive I tend to just look at the photos and ohh and ahh but never actually read the "how to" instructions. I like to browse the patterns through before I buy yarn and then find there is an instruction I am not familiar with or it's on circular needles which I cannot get to grips with due to my inability to knit without one needle firmly secured under my armpit. My sets of 5 needles are sock sized so would be useless for a garment.

The sun must have shone on my washer as well. I decided to try it out with a load today and thought that if it didn't spin the wet out at least I could peg it out for a drip on the line. The washer behaved perfectly and the washing was clean and spun. All I can think of is that my washer doesn't like being told to perform part of a task ( I just asked it to spin a hand washed sweater) and will only work a full cycle. Either way I am relieved it is working as I really didn't relish another expense when I have 2 birthday presents to buy before the end of the month.

It's corned beef hash with dumplings and red cabbage tonight for dinner. I haven't made that for such a long time and so am really looking forward to it, I find it so hard to diet when the weather is cold. I can't seem to drum up any enthusiasm for a salad until the weather gets a bit warmer.

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Crobbles said...

Our new washer is the same. I thought it was just me not following the instructions properly.