Tuesday, 29 January 2008

New books, oh how I love new books

Today I went to my new seated exercise class at Bury Castle leisure centre. BEATS decided that as I didn't like the gym they would introduce me to a more light hearted approach to exercise. Today was our first class. God bless us. We were arranged seated in a semi circle and issued with a very long piece of red rubber. The results were hilarious as some of the older ladies and a gentleman in a wheelchair could not keep their rubber band trapped under their foot with the result that many twangs and near misses occurred. It was great fun. It was very easy exercise but I could tell that some of the ladies in had never exercised anything other than their jaws in a very long time! Let's wait for next week and see how many drop outs there are!

Whilst I was in Bury my lovely crochet books arrived from Amazon. I have yet to peruse them thoroughly so can't tell you if the patterns in them are great, moderate or just plain boring. I am going to soak my exercised back in the bath and drool over them in detail in just a few moments. I love the feeling of ripping open the cardboard wrapping and revealing the books beneath. My friend thinks I am completely barking mad to get so excited but only a true crafter can know that feeling of undiscovered treasure lurking in the pages of a good book. Oh to have another pair of hands. My eyes are definitely bigger than my fingers. I have a list a mile long of would be projects.

My hats are progressing slowly. I have got 3 out of 4 parts knitted for the two hats but nothing stitched up or embroidered as yet. I have been out for most of the day so will have to knuckle down after my bath and dinner if I can just get my eyes out of these books long enough to pick up the needles. My crochet finger is itching to put down the knitting but I have to finish off first. One of my New Year;s resolutions was not to have too much on the go at once as I get so sidetracked I forget where I am up to with patterns and finish up unravelling a lot of the time. That is wasted energies so no more. I will only have 3 projects on the hook and needle at once!

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Crobbles said...

My collection of books is growing too. I got two new sock books this week. I was very pleased because there are many patterns in both books that I want to try.
Positively Crochet, caught my eye. Love that top on the cover!