Friday, 25 January 2008

Fitted Knits

My second book came today. My niece had ordered me a second book as a present for knitting the black sweater for her. I had no idea which book was arriving so greeted the postman with great excitement this morning. I doubt if he was equally as excited to see me in my shapeless pj's with my bed head hair holding back a snarling dog ( he really hates my postman). Well it was after 9am and I wasn't dressed so you can't blame him!

Anyway back to the book. It was the Fitted Knits book by Stephanie Japel

and I am really looking forward to making some of the items in it. I have never worked a top down raglan sweater before. I have made a couple of chunky boleros from a free pattern from the net

that are worked top down but never made anything finer that method. I haven't worn the boleros since I made them as I didn't think they flattered my ample bosom as the photo shows plus the short sleeves are too cold in this weather. Quite why I made the second one I don't know. Perhaps I was hoping a change of stitch would improve it.

I am looking forward to stopping looking like a fat bag lady in my knitted sweaters as being a somewhat busty lady by the time I have the fit right at the bust I could fit another person (OK a very slim other person) in around the waist. I think that is one reason why I rarely wear a hand knitted cardigan or sweater even though I have a wardrobe full of them. I am really impressed with the Fitted Knits book and am trying hard to finish off my ordered hats to start something from one of my 2 new books. I have also ordered 3 more crochet books today from Amazon as I had a £10 voucher burning a hole in my pocket since before Christmas. The trouble is that I not only spent the £10 voucher I spent another £22 as well, So much for my economising this month! I do LOVE my books though and hopefully I can make good use of them in the months to come.

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