Wednesday, 2 January 2008

5 needles versus 2 needles

Apart from the obvious colour difference spot the difference. The multi coloured hat for Kacey was knitted on 5 needles from Itty Bitty Hat book (with lots of modifications as it had an extremely long pointed top and I thought it looked rather silly) and it took me 2 days knitting on 5 needles despite using my knitting belt. The lining I decided to knit on 2 needles and it took me 2 hours! I thought no-one would notice the back seam on the lining although I have plans to make the hat reversible so maybe they will notice it a bit. I doubt if my great grand daughters will care as long as the seam is flat enough. I am undecided whether to knit the multi part of Emily's hat on 5 needles to match Kacey's or just go for the quicker option of having a back seam. The fun bit will start when I get to the embroidery as it is not one of my strong points. I will probably finish up with lob sided uneven snowflakes - ah well it all adds to the character of home made items.
I guess I will never get my speed up on 5 needles. Socks take me absolutely ages to knit. I find it quite relaxing knitting in the round but I just get frustrated as I am so slow at it. I zip away at a rate of knots on 2 needles with one firmly jammed under my right armpit! With 5 needles I think it is a question of finding the right sitting position as I can knit quite quickly if I stand up to knit (maybe it is my post Christmas belly that is getting in the way of speed?) I got a wooden footstool gift for Christmas and whilst it is very good for my legs and back I haven't quite got the angle right when knitting.
I am still not back in my daily routine. I am staying up until the wee small hours watching tv and knitting or crocheting and then finding it so hard to get up in the mornings. My body clock is all out of sinc since Christmas. The dog is confused as his walks have become a moveable feast and he likes rigid routine and so is becoming very sulky. He wants 2 walks a day spot on time and some days this week he has only had one.

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the kittens' mother said...

Hi, my Mum is exactly the same! She stays up most nights and knits and crochets. I don't know if you have heard of the Baby Pack Project but if you go to Mum's blog ( there is a link to the Baby Pack Project website. They could do with your talent of knitting. We make blankets, teddies, cardigans and hats to send out to Africa for the project. A woman started it off when she visited Africa and saw new mums taking their babies home wrapped in newspaper because that was all they had. The web link will tell the whole story. I just thought I'd mention it.
Your work is brilliant! Happy New Year, from Meg