Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The ducts are still too small

Today's hospital trip didn't fare much better than yesterday. I had a lovely doctor with a wonderful bedside manner and loads of patience. I had a trip up and down on a scan type machine, some yukky lemon drink to increase the production of saliva (it didn't) but still to no avail. After a half hour of massaging under my chin and trying with the thinnest cannula my saliva duct would not open for him. He even tried the one on the other side and no dice there either.

I finished up with an ultra sound examination which although is not the best way to show what the lump is it was the best anyone could do today. The injected dye would have shown up exactly what the problem was. The doctor said he thought that either the saliva duct was completely blocked or it had never been open in the first place. he struggled to find any trace of it on the scan. The ultra sound showed a large swelling on the right duct and a small one on the left but no sign of a stone and he said it didn't appear to be anything nasty but it was definitely swollen and puffy. He said the specialist would be the one to analyse the results properly. I have an appointment on the 31st so lets hope he can deduce something from the scan results. I am not relishing the idea of needing anything surgical but I am a little concerned about the lump especially if there is no exit route for any inflammation.

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