Saturday, 19 January 2008

Hat Orders

My son called around on Thursday and picked up the hats for the babies. A little while later I got a phone call. Could I make two of the doubled Peruvian styled helmets but adult sized. One in the same colour way plus embroidery and the other in a man's colour on one side but wacky on the other. I started one side of the man's hat last night and decided to make it fair isle patterned. However on looking at it in daylight I decided it was a little too feminine looking and also that I rather liked it as well. I will put it on one side for now and finish it off at a later date for myself.

I went up to Bury market to get some more of the gorgeous chunky wool I had used for one side of the babies helmets and found out unfortunately it had been a job lot and they had no more. I really liked that colour as well and would have liked a hat myself. I think I have enough to make the ordered helmet but bought some more balls in 3 different colourways as I know they won't have any left next time I go to Bury. I did wonder why it was such a great bargain. I just hope they get something equally as nice in case I get more orders. I am not sure if any of the colours could be classed as wacky (as ordered) so am toying with the idea of brightly coloured stripes for one side. I just can't pay a lot for the wool as people are not prepared to pay too much for hats even though it is 2 hats in one as it is completely reversible. You could never get paid per hour for knitting. it truly is a labour of love.

I am on the second sleeve of Kath's ribbed black sweater. My only fear is that the raglans won't match up rib wise when I come to stitch it together. Had I thought about this beforehand I could have changed the decreases and put them inside a K2 border so they would have matched up better. This would make a noticeable raglan but better than if the ribs won't match up as that will drive me mad. I tried to magnify the pattern to see if they had managed to match the ribs but I couldn't see. Wish me luck when I stitch. I may knit the polo on 5 needles and so eliminate the seaming as I think it looks so ugly when a neckband is not stitched very neatly.

Tomorrow I am picking up the knitted squares and yarn I am getting from Freecycle so that will be more stitching for me to do. Not my favourite part. I will knit and crochet but feel that sometimes my stitching up leaves a lot to be desired.

I hope that the weather will improve soon. I am getting really fed up of wet muddy dog walks. Roll on Spring! Let's see a bit of sunshine to cheer us all up.

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Mad about Craft said...

I can't wait for spring, I feel like i haven't seen daylight for months!

Love the hats!