Monday, 7 January 2008

PC problems are driving me mad

Since I had this new PC I have had lots of problems opening Internet Browser mostly starting from when I installed Norton Anti Virus. I have just read in horror today the readers comments on Amazon about the Norton 2007 and they have experienced the similar difficulties to me after they installed the product. Looks like I am going to get it taken off and buy something else or carry on struggling on a daily basis to get into my e mails and programmes. Once I manage to get Internet browser to open by some means I dare not shut it down again or the fiasco begins again. So annoying.

I started Kacey's Upside Down Daisy hat but decided to start Kath's ribbed sweater as well. I don't think I can stick K2 P2 rib night after night so I need to have 2 projects on the go. The penalties if having a light coloured moulting dog and black wool can clearly be seen on one of the photos. I have my lint roller permanently at my side but still his hairs get everywhere.

The pattern I am using brought back memories, It is from the late 60's or early 70's. If you can read the rubber stamp on the pattern it shows J & L Buckley, 311 Moston Lane Manchester. That was the shop bought for me by my parents and we ran it (along with 2 others) until we downsized to one shop on my parents retirement and I wrongly chose to keep the newer shop in Royton. Even though we downsized that shop from a huge rental unit in a large precinct to our own smaller premises on the main road it turned out to be the one shop that made the least profit and so eventually had to be sold. Sad days! Knitting had gone into a slump and as I was going through a divorce and had to support myself and buy my ex out of the house so I needed a steady reliable income to enable me to get a mortgage.

Whenever I am trying to find wool and needles nowadays I feel so sad that shops like mine were forced to close. If only I had know more about the Internet in those days I could have set up my own shop online but 15yrs ago I didn't own a PC and knew nothing about them. I doubt if E Bay was in existence in those days anyway. Not that I know much more these days about PC's but I could have given it a try. The wool shop in Bury is closing down so that will be another one gone. I know I can buy online but I am a hands on kind of buyer. I like to feel the yarn through my fingers and see the colours up close.

I must try to get to Fibre and Clay one day and also find out if the wool shop in Shaw - The Yarn Barn - is still open. It was run by Susan a friend of mine when I had the shop in Royton but I haven't been in that area for several years and as she is a similar age to me perhaps she has retired and closed the shop by now. Hmm a look through Yellow Pages and a phone call perhaps. I remember she didn't stock any crochet patterns though as she never learned to crochet and so felt she couldn't offer any advice to anyone who got stuck on a pattern.

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Mad about Craft said...

We had similar problems with Norton anti virus on our computers. I suggest you take it off and download AVG 7.5 which is a free download from the AVG website, we've had no problems with this what so ever