Thursday, 10 January 2008

Kaffe Fassett Book

Thursday eve

A very dear friend of mine called today (a truly gorgeous man and if his wife ever doesn't want him I will be in there like a shot drooling!) and brought me a book he had seen in a second hand shop and thought of me. It is originally from 1985 but still very wearable designs. The sweater is great but I think I would have to take the top of the cardigan sleeves off and knit them fitted although I have seen in fashion magazines that those leg o mutton sleeves are back in. The coat is just so gorgeous but such a lot of work and unfortunately wouldn't really fit in with my life style of dog walking and trips to Tesco. I saw Kaffe at a trade show many years ago but unfortunately didn't get the chance to speak to him. His designs are like painting with wool. The book is filled with wonderfully colourful designs under the headings of Diamonds, Stripes, Zigzags, Stars, Circles and Flowers.
It brings back memories of the picture sweaters I knitted many years ago. My son used to walk around with Goofy, Donald Duck etc emblazoned on his chest. ( he was in his late teens but as he was 6' tall and over 18 stones no one dared to smirk at his jumpers) I still have a lemon sweater of his with Pluto on it (although it is rather felted with age) that I have been known to still wear. I still have a large collection of children's knitting patterns with cartoon figures on the front plus a book where they are all teddy bear fronted sweaters (with wobbling eyes) in various disguises such as ballerinas and gymnasts.
I managed to rise from my bed at a reasonable hour today and go to water aerobics. I feel much better for it. Not so lethargic, but that could be partly from my raging hormones when my friend called (down girl, put your tongue away and stop drooling!) I called in Dunelm after the Leisure Centre and bought a plastic 4 drawer unit that was on Sale to put some of my craft (messy) corner projects in to make some attempt to stay tidy. Trust me to have fly away shower hair, casual gym sweats, wool and patterns scattered around when the first gorgeous man to cross my threshold in a long time comes to visit. Life is so unfair. Being a well trained married man he said I looked just as beautiful as ever. Sigh- so untrue but what a lovely man. My ex husband was never that tactful. He would have said - you look scruffy go and do something with your hair and change. Probably one of the reasons he is a ex husband.
Not much knitting done today. I am now on the front of Kath's black ribbed sweater and have almost finished the main part of Kacey's Upside Down Daisy hat. I need to knit the stalk and make 6 petals so maybe tomorrow it will get finished. I always make the bigger girl's first so the second one knits up faster.

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crobbles said...

I have that book. My Mum bought it for me when I was studying textiles. I've always wanted to do one of the enormous shawls. I did start one years ago but was disappointed with the way it turned out. I couldn't afford better quality yarn then, let alone Rowan. I am on a list to go to a Kaffe Fassett workshop in August. They have been so over subscribed that they are hoping he'll do an extra day. Me too as I really want to go play with some colour.