Thursday, 10 December 2009

Two Little Ducks

No I am not playing Bingo in fact apart from playing an odd game in the Working Man's club in the interval when I was young I have never played the game.I am referring to the fact that duck motif hat number two is finished, I have made the two adult ones first. I am trying to get the children's hats finished soon so that they can get posted down to London. One of the little girls who is having one of these hats spent the day at London Zoo last week and refused point blank to move away from the duck enclosure. She could not be tempted by any of the other animals.

My arm isn't too sore today after my flu jabs yesterday but my ex husband said his arm hurt more a couple of days afterwards so I am knitting like mad in case the hurting kicks in tomorrow.I am feeling very tired though as I had one of my wakeful nights with my painful knee and I finished up watching TV at 6am this morning.

Not much else to report really except I now need the help of the teenager from next door not only to reach my Christmas decorations out of the loft but also to re-programme my Freeview box which seems to have gone off all it's channels. I am looking forward to the day when we can go back to just pressing a button and getting the channels on the TV once again instead of all this fiddling about with top boxes or Sky boxes. The world is going mad. I don't think that I am missing much not having viewed things in high definition. I have only just progresses from black and white TV. Videos and DVD's have me shaking my head in wonder. I am just technologically inept. I wish I had been born years ago when none of this stuff existed and I could just sit there with my knitting and crochet without being made to feel in adequate.


June said...

The duck motifs look cute against the dark blue of the hats. Hope your knee lets you have a good night's sleep tonight Jan.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, how very sweet these little hats are -- they will be loved for sure.

I'm sorry you had such a restless night. I do hope you will be able to get some relief soon. Hugs!