Monday, 7 December 2009

Back To A Bit Of Knitting

I am back to my knitting and back to blogging courtesy of a borrowed monitor. I think that I mentioned that my monitor kept switching itself off well on Saturday it more or less gave up the ghost. I asked the neighbour across the road if he could look online for a new monitor for me as it was a little difficult for me to browse for one when the *$£* thing kept switching itself off and he has kindly lent me his monitor (he also has a laptop) for me to use until I can get a new one delivered.

I gave myself a stern talking to and picked up my knitting needles again. I have now finished off the left front and have started the right. There isn't a mistake in the ribbing on the right front - that is a buttonhole. Buttonholes are never my strong point. I cast off OK but the cast on the row after always fills me with dread. Sometimes I am lucky and it all goes smoothly but sometimes for some reason I finish up with one longer stitch at one of the corners. I have read manuals and online tips and I swear I do exactly as they say but I still finish up with a slack stitch.

I didn't get up to Bury today as the weather once again put me off. I hate the rain and I am so sick of getting wet through everywhere I go. It is knit club night at the Kings Arms tonight but I will be knitting with them in spirit but at home. I am such a wimp at tram and bus travel in the wet, the cold and especially in the dark. Roll on the lighter nights.

I suppose that I should think about getting the Christmas decorations down from the loft. I love it when they are all up and the tree is lit but I am not very motivated to doing all of the trimming. I think I am turning into one of the Grumpy Old Women who say Bah Humbug and moan on about how much effort it takes and all of the mess to hoover up etc. Once the rest of the street start putting their trees up then I know that I will join in as I do love the house when the fairy lights are lit on the tree and around the bay window.


June said...

Beautiful knitting Jan, can't wait to see it finished. Glad you have the use of a monitor now, so you can still blog.

KnitNurd said...

What a nice neighbor, Jan! I'm also looking forward to seeing your sweater finished...I usually do a one row buttonhole, which prevents that slack stitch. I learned by watching a video on much easier in my opinion!

Anonymous said...
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