Thursday, 24 December 2009

Only Two Left To Finish

I have finished the last big present. I now have a knitted scarf to finish and a gents hat to make. Whew not much if you say it fast.

This jacket is loosely based on the Doubled Up Jacket from The Crochet Closet book by Lisa Gentry. I say loosely based as once again even though the pattern said US thickness 4 (aran) the aran that I bought would not come small enough even using 2 sizes smaller hook. I didn't have time to mess about or to go and buy some double knit so I just improvised as usual. I used the pattern stitch but everything else was done by my eye.I know that I annoy people as I don't write anything down but them I was on a time schedule and I do work a lot faster without a pattern. I had added a collar to the jacket as I thought that it was more of an outdoor jacket rather than an indoor one or one to be worn underneath a coat. I had two 400 gram balls and there is probably enough to make a hat at a later stage,

I picked up the scarf knitting again last night but it is slow going compared to the crochet. I just hope that I have enough time to finish it and knit a hat before Christmas Day.

My street is still fairly impassable and so I think that I may have to walk up to the main road tomorrow to get a lift from my niece to her parents house for present swapping and Christmas dinner.

The bottom photo is one of the fairy dresses that I have bought for my great grand daughters for Christmas. I have bought them the same as they are at the age (4 and almost 3) that they argue like mad over everything and so it is easier to get them the same. There are no fairy wands but that is probably better as they would probably go around bashing the dogs on the head Christmas Day.

I hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas. I am not sure if I will have time to post tomorrow morning but I will take photos of the finished scarf and the hat if it is finished in time


June said...

Wow Jan! You're on a tight schedule this year. You have done wonderfully well with all your beautiful gifts and I am sure they will all be much appreciated.
I wish you a very Happy Christmas and thank you for a year full of interesting and inspiring blogs.xx

Mattenylou said...

Jan, That jacket came out so nice, these are lucky girls you crochet for. You've inspired me throughout the year!

Have a very Merry Christmas!