Friday, 18 December 2009

Sedgemoor Is Finished

The Sedgemoor jacket is finally finished. Or at least it will be when it has dried from the blocking. Now that the buttons are stitched on it isn't really noticeable that I was 2 rows off with the middle buttonhole. The pattern is from a magazine called The Knitter Issue 12. I advise that you check the errata if you want to make it. I changed the sleeves to long ones. One more Christmas present finished.

I have started crocheting something else but even though my tension is correct it seems very wide to me but then it is started from the bottom up all in one piece so I will work a few more rows into it before I decide it's fate. If I decide to continue on with it I will take a photo tomorrow.

I went up to Tesco today to get some food for the weekend. I know that my neighbour has offered to take me up for the heavy stuff but I had run out of bread, potatoes and something to cook for the weekend. I try not to shop at the weekend as I do hold people up when I totter along go slowly. I know that when I was fully fit and working I used to fume at little old ladies shopping at the peak times. I am mindful of this when I shop but sometimes it is unavoidable and I have to shop then. Thankfully I don't need to pay any more visits to Bury or Manchester before Christmas.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. My fingers aren't quite worn down to the nubbins Bev but my wrists are thankful that the aran is finished although I still have a cabled scarf to make. The Haru jacket is very easy to make June and Pammy Sue and with having the side splits it looks a very forgiving garment for people like me with a large derriere! Nice to see you back Tina. I am glad that the move went well. Sorry but you can't have my purple boots as they are mine all mine LOL. You do make me envious though knowing that you are baking Christmas cookies. My baking is very hit and miss which is probably a good thing at the moment as I am still battling with the weight and if I could bake then it would make cutting down even harder. Not that I am in the mood for cutting down at the moment. It is Christmas and to me dieting and Christmas don't belong in the same sentence!


sylvia said...

Well done Jan a beautiful job worth all the hard work and wrist ache.

June said...

Beautiful cardigan Jan. I agree with Sylvia, it is worth all the wrist ache. Now you can get on with your crochet again.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, how beautiful is this cardigan?! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Your niece is going to l-o-v-e it and I'm especially glad your fingers aren't down to nubbins.

The neighbors have all been bringing goodies by and I am having a hard time staying out of them. I am NOT going to do any baking of my own. I may make a few cheeseballs because it wouldn't be Christmas for the kids without them but that's it -- I swear -- that's it. Seriously! Well okay . . . maybe I shouldn't swear.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is such a beautiful sweater/cardigan! Lovely work :). I hear you on the old lady thing.. i see a lot of things differently now that i'm in my 50's!

Zu said...

It's gorgeous Jan! Great work as always! :-)