Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another Present Finished

Another present finished. This is my version of the Capricious Cardi by Marlaina Bird that was in the Inside crochet Issue 5. I couldn't get it to work out at all with the Jarol double knit that I had bought and so just made my own design up. It looks almost the same as the one in the magazine except that my version is a little shorter due to my not buying quite enough yarn. I bought 500 grams but as the wool has a high wool content I could have done with buying 600 grams.

I still haven't found the missing crochet hook but I am hoping that it turns up when I move the furniture to do a proper hoover up before Christmas. It must have rolled underneath a sofa or something.

The snow is still coming down thick and fast here and I am worrying about getting out to pick up my prescription and do some food shopping. If I don't get a lift then I will have to brave the snow and walk up tomorrow.

I must get on with some more crochet and knitting as I have no time to sit and do nothing, Mother Christmas is on overtime this year!

ETA After writing this blog I went into the front room and my missing crochet hook was in the middle of the coffee table ! Now that was definitely the first place that I looked for it. How can a hook sit on a glass coffee table for 2 days and not be seen? I tell you I have a mischievous fairy or elf living in my house somewhere.


June said...

Spooky crochet hook! Glad you found it anyway. Another amazing finish. It looks lovely and you are so fast! Well done again Jan.

sylvia said...

The universe must have finished with your hook now and has returned it yo its rightful owner, the jacket looks great.

glor said...

Your jacket is beautiful!!