Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Back To The Knitting Again

I am back to my knitting so expect very slow progress for the next week or so. As I mentioned yesterday the colour pooling on Charlie's sweater was driving me mad so yesterday I unravelled the offending bit of brown (picture one) and by knitting from 2 balls of wool every alternate row came up with version two which although has a wide green splodge is better than it was before. Some people may say I am mad or a bit knit picky but that brown splodge would have driven me mad even though Charlie is under 18 months old and will probably decorate the front of his sweater with a lot more than a splodge. I am half way up the back of the sweater now but as I have also got to make one for Finlay I may be knitting for a while.

I went up the village to do a bit of food shopping for the first time since Christmas. I needed some bread mainly. I had a treat and called in to Marks and Spencers small food outlet and got a few things to tide me over until the New Year. Their food always looks so much fresher and more appetising than the cheaper stores. I could spend a fortune in there if my purse would let me. I limited myself to a few purchases but I did buy some lovely red apples which although they work out at 50p each they are delicious.I would eat a lot more fruit if I could afford to buy tip top fruit all of the time. Supermarket apples and bananas just don't hold the same thrill for me as bunches of fresh grapes, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries and peaches. When I was working I would spend several pounds on fresh fruit every week. That is one thing that I do miss now that I am on a budget.I do have fruit in my bowl but it doesn't really tempt me to eat it. I bought some satsumas in the supermarket before Christmas and they were sour and dry and the apples were tasteless.

Not much to report except that it is raining again here in Manchester. At least when I went shopping most of the ice has now melted so I was able to walk without fear of slipping.

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Anonymous said...

I can see why you decided to redo the pooling of color. It would have driven me crazy too but you are right about him having more than that down the front of him. You are too funny! We have between 8 and 10 inches of snow here already this morning and it's still coming down like crazy. Stay warm and enjoy your yummy fresh fruit.