Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My Knee Has Lost The Christmas Spirit

My knee has gone on strike. It has lost it's Christmas spirit and yelled Stop all of this walking woman and let me have a rest. So today is rest day.

On Monday I had quite a long walk from the tram to the hospital and yesterday I was off in search of dressing up outfits for my great grand daughters for Christmas. My son had suggested a shop which was in the retail park of Bury. Not that far away from the tram for an able bodied person but more like a marathon for someone with knee problems. The retail park is across a couple of main roads and the road winds around until you actually get to it. The planners design these retail parks for those who have cars. If you don't have a car then you have to wend your way on winding footpaths that go around the car parks or risk life and limb and cross the car parks where people are touring in ever decreasing circles trying to find a parking space.

I would not have minded this so much if the shop had what i wanted but no they didn't. I then had to trawl around the shopping mall before finding something suitable. They needed size 5 -6yrs as they are both tall girls but there was none to be found. They are now going to be pink fairies, complete with wings, but will probably be tripping over their fairy tutus on Christmas morning as they are size 6-8yrs. The bodices are ruched so are tiny enough for them. The tiara is I presume all one size but the dresses might just be a bit on the long side for now. I hope that the fairies will be wearing their T shirts underneath or they will be chilly fairies on Christmas Day.

As you have probably gathered I have not had much time for knitting and crochet over the last 2 days although I did manage to crochet a washcloth on the journeys over the last 2 days. My niece's Sedgemoor aran only needs a sleeve now. The collar is looking huge even though I have cropped quite a few rows off the pattern. I am sure that there is a mistake on the pattern as according to them the collar has 52 rows. This collar look massive to me with only 40 rows.

The Haru jacket has progressed a little. I have now worked 200 grams into that. I hope to finish that off today if I just sit and rest my knee.

I had taken in a parcel for my next door neighbour yesterday. I take parcels in for all of my working neighbours. It saves them time having to go up to the sorting office to retrieve them when they are all so busy. Anyway my neighbour has offered to drive me to get my Christmas food shopping at the beginning of next week which will be such a help as I was running out of the heavy stuff like washing powder and soft drinks from when I last got an offer of a lift. I tend to buy loads of heavy stuff when I get a lift and then I can manage my day to day shopping on my own.

Anyway enough chatter I have mucho knitting and crochet to complete and a load of washing to do.

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