Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Queen Of Bloops

What is that saying - More haste less speed. I have spent an hour this morning trying to correct a blooper I made last night. I had finished the navy hat and I should have known better than to sew it up in the electric light. This morning I looked at at and the ribbing didn't match up so I extra carefully snipped open the seam. You know what is coming next - yes I did - I snipped into the ribbing! As the hat was knitted bottom up on two needles I had a choice of either unravelling the whole hat or trying to salvage it by cutting the rib off and picking up the stitches from the wrong way and then ribbing downwards on 5 needles. As you can see I have managed to get the stitches on the needles that but not without a lot of swearing under my breath. I now have to rib 4" just to get back to where I was last night. See what I mean about wasted time.

The piece of navy cable is the start of the Irish Hiking Scarf and whilst it seems to be a very popular pattern on Ravelry projects I am a bit undecided about it as it is very one sided which isn't a good look for a scarf. As it is for a nephew in law present I wanted something a little different to the usual ribbed scarf. The guy it is destined for isn't from a knitting family so perhaps he wont notice that it can only be worn one way. There might be a bit more unravelling if I decide to make it ribbed instead of cabled.

The jacket for my niece is making very slow progress as the cable pattern is charted and not only that one panel has 20 rows and the other has 6 rows so it's difficult to keep track or to write it out as the patterns are at different stages for most of the time. I am having to really concentrate on this one so I doubt that I will be zipping along.

The duck motif hats that I have to make are navy based so I will have dim eyesight by the time Christmas comes along.

It is bitterly cold today and my knees are feeling it. I have had to put my heating on for the day which is a thing that I try to avoid as I am afraid of the cost. Once the house has warmed up I will turn the thermostat down a few notches and hope that will be warm enough.

Time for a coffee, Loose women and a bit of hat ribbing before I go up to the shops for a few bits and pieces.


June said...

Oh how frustrating, having to undo some of your knitting. Dark colours are always harder to see than bright ones. You must be itching to get back to your hook again.

Anonymous said...

RATS! I hate it when that happens. I have lovely light in my living room and reading room. Why don't you come spend the winter with me? You can teach me to knit and we can cuss together. Would be loads of fun.


P.S. I think the scarf is lovely.

KnitNurd said...

I made that same scarf for my son-in-law a couple of years ago, and he loves it! I don't think he has ever noticed it is only cabled on one side...and if he has, he must not be bothered by it. He wears it daily this time of year.

Stay warm and happy knitting Jan! :=)