Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Early Paper Boy

Like most people I have snow outside. This photo was taken yesterday so there is actually a bit more there now. I woke up this morning to the extra snow and a bit of a mystery. I was up at 8am and I picked up the newspaper from behind the front door. When I drew back the curtains and looked outside there was unbroken snow on my drive to my front door. Not a sign of any footprints. Either the paper boy called really early and it snowed after he called or he must have flown in and sprinkled fairy dust as one of my friends suggested.

I am still progressing with the Capricious jacket although I have had to undo the few inches that I did today. I had increased back out again for the bust line but when I got to the armholes I realised that it was going to be too wide so I have undone it back to the waist again. What have I said before. More haste less speed. I have made both sleeves as I am eking the wool out. I think that I really need another ball but I am not going to be able to get another ball before Christmas as the market will not be open until Wednesday and the wool stall may not be there because it is so near to Christmas. It is the higher percentage of wool that is giving me less yardage than I had calculated for the jacket.

I started another crochet jacket again from a US pattern and when I had done 5" I realised that it was turning out massive as well. What is it with these US patterns? My tension was correct but when I looked at the schematics the measurements for a 36" bust was 50" ! My niece is a mere size 8/10 so 36" would have been a bit loose on her but 50" was way too much even for a slacker coat style jacket. Understandably I have undone it and as per usual I have restarted it my way. Once again it will look like the pattern when I have finished but several sizes smaller than the one in the book.

The knitted scarf is still neglected. I haven't even worked an inch on that. I can't seem to drum up any enthusiasm for my knitting but I know that I will have to do so before Christmas or my nephew in law will be minus a present.

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