Friday, 11 December 2009

Four Ducks on Their Way to London

Poppa Duck, Momma Duck and two baby duck hats are finished and by the time that you read this they will probably winging their way to London but not under their own steam. They will be going courtesy of Royal Mail. I think that they look more like chickens but the pattern does state that they are ducks.

Tonight I will get back to my niece's aran jacket. I still have two sleeves and the collar to knit before Christmas. Plus I have the scarf to finish before I start anything else. I left these two projects to make the hats as they don't have to be posted.I also have a few more ideas in the pipeline that I would like to make but that will be if and when I get the time. As it will involve another journey up to Bury to get more supplies then it will probably be next week. I am not a lover of going up to the market on a Saturday as the trams and the market get too crowded especially for me and my shopping trolley.

I was almost Mummy or perhaps foster Mummy to a puppy last night. He needed an emergency re-homing as the person who had him has mental problems and wasn't feeding him properly or toilet training him. He turned out to be rather a larger puppy than described so he is at my son's at the moment as my son said he is too boisterous for me to cope with. He is of mixed breed but has huge paws so the potential to grow into a large dog. They are used to training dogs in the social graces so he is better off with them at the moment. We are not sure where he will finish up but we didn't want him to have to go into an already overcrowded dogs home situation as we know that he won't get re-homed from there until after Christmas. He is driving my son's other two dogs mad but that is to be expected until he settles in. My son and his wife have an extensive circle of friends so hopefully Dillon (as he has been renamed) will find a happy permanent home soon. If he had been a tiny puppy turning into a tiny dog I might have been tempted to keep him but I had to give Buster back to my son as I couldn't walk him properly. I miss him like mad but I had to do what was best for the dog. Larger dogs need more exercise than I am capable of at the moment.


The Garden Bell said...

Too cute and too much fun. Just found you and can't wait to follow.

lalltop said...

Glad you didn't have to take the dog, you are having enough knee problems without having a rambunctious bigger puppy dragging you around... I really like the hats and am sure the people getting them will also... Have a great weekend... LynnA