Monday, 21 December 2009

Going Green With My Wrapping

They haven't quite turned out the way I wanted but this is my novel way of wrapping a present in a 'useful later' kind of way. I have chained two crochet squares together to form a Santa sack. For the man's present I have used a crochet chain to tie and for the lady I have pinned on a crochet flower and used a ribbon to tie. When they have opened their present and unpicked the chain holding the pieces together then hey presto they have two dishcloths each to do the washing up with later. I would have liked them to be fancier than this with perhaps crochet holly leaves and berries and red ribbons but time is against me as I have a feeling that these two gifts will be picked up today or tomorrow and I wanted them to be ready in time. I will try to make my next ones a little more festive if I get the time.

I am on the last front of the Capricious cardi and so hope to get that finished off today. I have spent an hour this morning looking for my crochet hook. I swear that I have fairies or elves in my house who hide things. I usually thread my hook into my unfinished crochet when I go to bed but when I picked my crochet up this morning the hook was no-where to be seen. I have moved the chair, looked all around the floor but the hook is still missing. I have got several hooks this size but I don't like to swap hooks mid garment as even though they are marked as the same size I do find that there is a slight variation in their sizes. I have no doubt that the hook will turn up somewhere silly very soon. I really liked that hook as it was a lightweight plastic type hook that I bought from Purplelinda. I was going to order more sizes in the same type of hook after Christmas. I had only bought two sizes to see if I liked working with them. I will just have to order another one this size if the elves don't let me have it back soon.

Today I have woken up to the aroma of cat spray in my porch again. The neighbourhood cats are so ungrateful. My porch door won't close properly and so they shelter in it when the weather is bad. I even have a cushion in there for them to sleep on so they won't be cold on the tiled floor and how do they repay me? They spray in my porch and make the hall smell dreadful. That's what I get for being a good Samaritan. I will mop it later. I find biological washing powder in my mop bucket is the best thing for neutralising the smell.I have tried the pet odour sprays and Fabreeze but they don't work as well as washing powder. It wouldn't work, of course, on carpet but is great on ceramic tiles.


June said...

what a novel way to wrap presents, they look really nice. Can't believe how quickly your blue cardigan is growing and it is looking really pretty. The cats have a funny way of showing their appreciation of your kindness. They probably think they have left you a present of a lovely aroma!

Kathy said...

How clever! I'm going to use that idea in the future.

The cats are most likely claiming their territory there, especially if there are any females in the area. I've heard there are scents you can leave that will discourage spraying, but it's been so many years I can't remember what they are.

alajnabiya said...

The gift wrap looks wonderful. What a clever idea! I do wish they sold cotton for dishcloths here.