Friday, 4 December 2009

Having A Break

I am having a bit of a break from my knitting today. Aran knitting makes my hands ache when I work at it too long and as I pushed on and managed to finish the back off last night I am giving myself a bit of a treat today with some crochet. I am making a few washcloths and dishcloths to put with presents for Christmas so I am not exactly shirking in my present making.

I have this idea of tying 2 or 3 washcloths together with ribbon and buying some handmade soap and tucking that under the ribbon tie. I will see how many I manage to make with the cotton that I already have but I can see myself making another trip up to Bury to replenish supplies as one ball doesn't go too far so I will need more balls to finish off the number that I have in mind.

I am using some cotton that I bought from Habiknit in Bury along with some white cotton that I already had in stash. The finished washcloth doesn't look as though it has 3 colours in it in the photo but it has white, ecru and mink. I have just used an alternating stitch of UK treble and double crochet. I try to vary my stitch as I don't want them all to look the same and an already thinking up a new stitch for the next washcloth.

The boiler is still working so fingers crossed it won't need that new part just yet. I don't like having to rely on my Calor Gas heater as although I had it checked and it isn't leaking any fumes it still makes me feel very sleepy. I did manage to sleep most of the night last night so am not feeling quite so droopy today. Probably a good job as I still have a lot of Mother Christmas knitting to complete.

Enough chatting it's time to get back to my crochet hook and see how many washcloths I can make before tonight as I have made a pact that I will start the aran cardigan front tonight after my crochet treat is over.

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