Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Zap Tingle - What Was That?

Today I decided to practise being domesticated and decided to give the kitchen floor a good mopping and not just the customary swipe with a wet mop that it usually gets. I inherited a Hoover electric floor scrubber/carpet cleaner from my mother so I guess that you could call it vintage. Admittedly I store it in the garage but it has always served me well whenever I have blown the dust off it although I must admit that one of the brushes doesn't clip in properly. Anyway I digress as I am wont to do most times. I was merrily scrubbing away today when I noticed the brush had worked a bit loose, I leaned down to click it back into place and leaned on the radiator for support. Not a very bright thing to do with an elderly electrical appliance whilst it is still switched on. Zip, Zap I got such a shock from the radiator that I almost felt my hair curl. My scrubber must have a short somewhere but as the handle and everything is covered with rubber I hadn't felt it until I grabbed the metal radiator and earthed it. The last time I had a jolt like that was in intensive care when the paddles hit my chest many years ago.

I think I shall feel energised for the rest of the afternoon now. Nothing like a quick jolt to kick start the heart and nerve endings. I think that it's time that I retired my old scrubber and stuck to the less elderly scrubber (me) By the way I didn't have a heart attack years ago I had a virus that attacked my heart and gave me a racing heart beat and so they shocked it to restart it in a normal rhythm. They were very concerned afterwards until I recovered enough to tell them that I was born with arrhythmia and my heartbeat sometimes dances the Tango and occasionally misses a beat. I love watching the faces of the nurses when they take my pulse before I have chance to explain. Naughty of me I know!

I am still knitting the long chunky jacket and I am on the last stretch of the right front. I have another couple of inches to knit and then I have to block it before stitching the jacket up and picking up and knitting the front bands. Last night I was watching Piers Morgan interview Ronnie Corbett on TV so I decided to have a break and knit something easier. I have started a baby sweater but I think it is going to be too big for Finlay but a bit small for Charlie. Never mind I am sure that Finlay will grow into it before the winter is over.

Time for a cup of coffee or have I had enough stimulation for one day?


Jan Mader said...

I don't crochet, but I love animals and I see from your profile that you do too. Please stop by for a visit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so glad you are okay. What a shock -- literally!!!!! Yes, I too think it's time for your scrubber to find it's way to it's next stop -- wherever that may be. Just not in your kitchen with you touching the radiator. Oh my!

I'm excited you are doing so well on all your projects. You motivate me to get busy, Jan. I just want to chug along these days.

Janet Happy Girl said...

woo wee...that was close! So glad you are you're definitely awake now huh??? Please don't do that again ok?

KnitNurd said...

Wow Jan! Sounds like your vintage scrubber gave up the ghost and needs to head on over to sweeper heaven.
Looks to me like you knit as well as you crochet...great job!! Looking forward to seeing the finished garment!!