Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Which Wood Is Best For An Ark?

I woke this morning to the familiar sound of the rain hammering down on my bay window roof.I seriously contemplated pulling the covers over my head and going back to sleep. I then remembered that next door's cat had come in last night to shelter from the rain and so would be in need of a toilet break so I reluctantly got up and let him out. He was less than impressed with me and stood quivering in my porch as if to say "Do you really expect me to go and wee in this?"

I still haven't showered as I am debating whether to just stand in the garden with the shampoo and body wash or go to the shops first, get wet through and then shower after that. Decisions, decisions. Whilst I decide I will eat some breakfast and hope that the rain decides to give me a break and stop for a while. I need to collect a prescription otherwise I would not venture out plus I don't think that my daughter in law would be too impressed with me if I don't buy her a birthday card.

I try to keep up with other peoples blogs but I must admit that I tend to do it in fits and starts as I follow so many so if I don't comment on yours then it's probably because I need to catch up on my reading. I did catch up with The Crochet Therapy and yesterday she put a link to a song by Michael Buble called I Just Haven't Met You Yet. I think that I will adopt it as my anthem song. If you want a nice peppy song then click on my blog title and it will take you to Bea's blog for a listen. One day I will work out how to add Your Tube links to my blog but I am completely technophobic.

I spent a lot of yesterday trying to ignore the rain and catching up with friends via phone chats so not much knitting was done. I have started a cabled jacket for Charlie from a Sirdar book delightfully called Ooh La La. I will try and find a photo of the front cover for another day.I have no idea what the wool is as it was donated to me in unravelled balls without any labels. It feels like it is either wool or has a wool content so I will try a wash patch test before I pass it on. I would hate to make two jackets and then find out that it is not machine washable without warning the mum first. The pattern has either got a hood or a collar and I have not decided yet which version to knit for the boys. Once again this modern Sirdar pattern is coming out huge even though my tension is correct. Do Sirdar have larger models? I am knitting 1-2 yrs and it looks like it will fit Charlie at pre school!

My niece has decided on a pattern and so I am ready to start once my other niece gets me some wool from the Yarn Barn in Shaw. I found out yesterday that my local Habi Knit in Bury which I though had closed down due to redevelopment has in fact re sited to the Millgate in Bury so I will have another place besides Bury Market to buy supplies from.

The rain has stopped momentarily so I will grab a quick breakfast and hope that it stays away until I can return from the shops. Referring back to my blog title which wood is most suitable for building an ark as I really think that I should put woodworking and ark building on my list of things to do in the future.

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boltoncrafter said...

Thanks for your fantastic blog. I'm amazed by the number of garments you complete so quickly.
Another rainy day in Greater Manchester, Better stay in & do some knitting!