Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Slow Progress

Not much to report on the knitting front today. I am still ploughing on with my niece's chunky jacket. I decided to block out the pieces I have knitted just to reassure myself that it would stretch out as it was looking very narrow on the needles. As my instructions were to make a big floppy jacket I was a bit worried but as you can see it has blocked out nice and wide. I still have one front to complete and then the bands.

I was a bit concerned about the shaping in the front as I have never shaped a front neck before from the sleeve edge. I am sure that Sirdar knows what it is doing but on most patterns I have decreased at the front edge inside the cable border. I just hope that it doesn't pull the pattern a bit sideways when it is stitched up. I tried to block it out by shaping the armhole like the back.

I feel like this jacket has taken me ages but then it is 34" long so that is quite a few inches longer than I would normally knit a jacket.

I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club last night and it was absolutely freezing. The heating in the pub had broken down and we could see our breath in the snug. It will be my last visit for a little while as Pam who gives me a lift is relocating to St Annes at the weekend so won't be coming to the knit club every week from now on. Last night was the first night that I had gone without a coat. Normally I don't need one as I am picked up and dropped off door to door but I wish I had put my fleece on last night. The heating engineer who was "on his way" when we arrived hadn't made an appearance before we left just after 9pm.

Next door's cat was waiting in my porch for me to return and as soon as the key was turned in the door he shot in and straight on the sofa for a warm. He is still here and is refusing point blank to leave. I don't blame him as today is wet, cold and miserable. This kind of weather really makes me feel down. Last night we had freezing fog. It's going to be a long time until the sun shines properly again.

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